SEOmoz: Get an insight into your domains strengths & weaknesses

SEOmoz, a Seattle based search engine optimization company is providing us with a free but really powerful alternative to Google’s Pagerank. The tool offers an…

insight into how valuable, important and popular a site or page is as compared to others on the web.

The tool estimates using criteria from humans ( tags, Alexa Rank, mentions at Wikipedia, etc.) and machine-assembled data (like pages indexed, internal link percent and even PageRank itself). It is by no means perfect or entirely accurate, but it is a significant upgrade from Google’s often inaccurate and infrequently updated PageRank score (and it’s fun to use).

Here’s an excerpt from the SEOmoz blogs which states how inaccurate Google’s Pagerank system might be …

The following is a quote of a Google representative writing to JohnGalt of search engine watch forums:

“The PageRank that is displayed in the Google Toolbar is for entertainment purposes only. Due to repeated attempts by hackers to access this data, Google updates the PageRank data very infrequently because is it not secure. On average, the PR that is displayed in the Google Toolbar is several months old. If the toolbar is showing a PR of zero, this is because the user is visiting a new URL that hasn’t been updated in the last update. The PR that is displayed by the Google Toolbar is not the same PR that is used to rank the webpage results so there is no need to be concerned if your PR is displayed as zero. If a site is showing up in the search results, it doesn’t not have a real PR of zero, the Toolbar is just out of date”

It is aptly named Page Strength and gives you a detailed report on the factors determining the strength of your page/domain. It even provides you with a tiny page-strength counter that you can proudly display on your site.

Page Strength SEO Tool -

The tool is designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, surfers and web marketing professionals seeking a better metric to quickly assess a site/page’s relative importance and visibility.

If you sign-up at their site, you get free access to a bunch of other SEO & webmaster tools, which include:

  • Keyword Difficulty
    Used to analyze the competitive landscape of a particular search term or phrase, this tool issues a percentage score and provides a detailed analysis of the top ranking sites at google and Yahoo.
  • IP Location Lookup
    This is not an SEO tool, but is very useful in determining the geographic location of an IP address using a bit of AJAX and Google Maps.
  • Sandbox Detection
    Run this tool to determine if your site is in the sandbox. COMING SOON.
  • Rank Check
    Check your rankings across multiple Google data centers, Yahoo!, MSN, and AskJeeves. COMING SOON.

Drop by their site and check out their tools. It’s definitely worth a shot.


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