Free 18-week Online AJAX Course

AJAX On ToiletFor those who want to make some serious headway into the insanely booming technology called AJAX, here’s a golden opportunity. Boston based Sang Shin, who’s a technology architect, consultant, and evangelist at SUN Microsystems offers a free 18-week online course on AJAX.

The course commences on 18th of February, 2007 and covers some hot new topics such as the opensource JavaScript toolkit named Dojo, the NO-JavaScript AJAX Framework called ZK, DynaFaces – the thin application layer that renders AJAX capabilities to JSF, and Phobos – the lightweight, scripting-friendly, web application environment running on the Java platform.

This is the second session of the course in offering. Earlier it was offered as a ten-week course but it’s been extended by eight more weeks to cover all the new & important aspects of this rapidly expanding technology. Literally anyone can sign-up for it by simply sending a blank mail to There’s no eligibility criteria as such. However, it is assumed that you’ve got some prior programming experience with the common web programming/scripting languages such as JavaScript / PHP as well as core Java itself. The course will continue on a weekly basis till June 11th, 2007.

One word of advice – don’t take this course lightly. The course is really content rich and if you’re sincerely interested in learning AJAX, you can really reap the benefits. Though the course allows you to progress at your own learning pace, you’re supposed to submit a homework at the end of each week with a maximum grace period of two weeks after the course ends.

Upon successful completion of the course, you’re entitled to an online certificate signed by Sang Shin. Though the certification isn’t through affiliation with any colleges, educational institution, company it recognises you as someone who clearly stands out from the crowd and enlists you in the graduates website.

If you’re interested, you can find further information on the course here.

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