Need a guardian angel for your computer? Try the new Google Pack

Google Pack LogoOur old buddy, Google Pack is now all set to cure your PC blues. Apart from the usual bundle (Google Earth, Google Desktop, Picasa etc.) the reconstructed pack sports two new additions:

  • Norton Security Scan from Symantec which detects and eliminates viruses & internet worms. Don’t dismiss this as just one of those useless “free” tools ’cause this version is capable of updating itself regularly as well as can be scheduled to scan your system automatically at regular intervals.

  • Spyware Doctor Starter Edition – another tool which has lately become an inseparable companion of an anti-virus solution. This one takes care of any spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers that might be lurking around your system and includes smart updates as well as scheduling.

Keep in mind – both these tools are diluted version of the originals and can no way compete with their full-blown Anti-virus / Anti-Spyware counterparts. But till you get yourself one, these will do just fine. Moreover, I’d say you’re getting a pretty good value for money (zilch) since both these tools update without requiring any paid subscriptions.

As an extra perk, the Google Photos Screensaver which is a part of the bundle has undergone a major upgrade. If you’d always drooled over one of those digital picture frames, this is your easiest way out. The new screensaver will continously update and display new pictures from web-feeds generated by the many of the major picture-hosting service.

After all, any sort of prevention if better than cure 😀

Wanna give it a try? Head over to the download page

Source: The Official Google Blog

Happy Pet, Happier You !

This guest post was written by Shrimoyee Mukherjee from MindChimes.

Pets have always been a part of our family and were always looked upon more as family members than pets. Over the years I’ve learnt to read them to such an extent that it’s become a second nature for me to understand what a dog wants just by looking at his/her expressions. For most part I feel as if the animals are able to communicate with me. Can’t say the same for birds or other animals though – ‘cause I’ve never had one as a pet. As for dogs, I understand them like they are humans who just don’t speak in my tongue.

JumboMy first pet was Baru – a total darling. She was almost like a foster mom to my sister and me. The first night she was home she stayed awake all night staring at the two of us sleep. Second night onwards, she started sleeping in between us and that continued till her last day. She mothered three litters. Her first son Jumbo, was the angel in our family. He was entirely human save for speech impairment. He loved food from restaurants. He loved every time I cooked too cause that meant more spice and oil. A chocoholic to the core. The guy was a total foodie and a lovable one at that. He almost knew one food joint from another.

GenieThe latest inclusion in the family is Genie. She was a castaway. Dogs with no home to go to always seemed to land up with us – and Genie was no exception. As a pup she was a cross between a tyrant and a storm. We had to lock her out of the dining room everyday to be able to eat in peace. She happened to be one of the “omnivores”. As a pup, the only thing she found distasteful was iron – since it was too hard for her to chew on. Ironically enough, now she runs at the mere sight of food. We have to literally coax and cajole her every single day to make her eat a single meal. Very “diet conscious” and with a total aversion to any sort of junk food, unlike Jumbo.

I can’t begin to say how much fun it is to have pets and as the saying goes, “they don’t ever let you be lonely”. The flip-side is that the biggest heart-break comes when they suffer and you are unable to help them. Firstly, it’s difficult to guess what’s wrong with them. Even if by some miraculous stroke of luck you’ve managed to figure that out, half the doctors in the world tell you there is nothing they can do about it.

Baru suffered from some disease that the doctors still don’t have a clue about. They kept experimenting with all sorts of drugs. Some said it was a heart disease, some said it was parasites and others opined epilepsy. Trust me when I say that it felt horrible to watch her suffer everyday and without being able to do a thing about it. Finally, it came down to such a point that, the one who used to be the ever-busy-body became paralyzed for two whole years. Mercy killing was suggested on quite a few occasions as it wasn’t fair to let her suffer like this. Others kept prescribing medicines till we finally gave up. She died on my lap after years of suffering.

These days when I come across web-sites suggesting Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Diseasemedicines that could have helped, I can’t help but wonder where these were then i.e., when I needed them the most? Today you can find web-sites advising you on every single aspect of rearing a healthy pet. I was going through quite a few and found all these wonder drugs that may so totally have alleviated Baru’s sufferings had I known about them at that point of time. There is ‘Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease’. Sites like Pet Wellbeing have made me far more wizened about the ailments of dogs as well as cats. I know now that heart disease is a very common phenomenon in dogs. They feel fatigue from this problem. The site outlines many of the every-day problems we face with our pets and have no clue on what to do. Then there is “Inulin PK for Dog Worms”. Worms are one of the biggest enemies of dogs and this herbal medicine not only cures them of various kinds of worms (including Roundworms) but helps repair the damages and revitalises them. Back then we had no access to such information neither the opportunity to buy them online – thus my poor darling died after a lot of suffering.

Jumbo also had acute arthritis. He lived till the ripe age of 15 savoring foods from different restaurants in different cities in India. We kept giving him Neurobion and oil massages to make his pain go away. Wish we’d heard of ‘Old Timer for Dog Arthritis’ or ‘Old Bones for Dog Arthritis’ or “Joint Support Supplement – Small Breed“. Dog arthritis is apparently a common disease. Had this been known to us back then may be our 15 yr old would have had spent his last few days in far more peace.

My main concern now is Genie who is 7 yrs old and has started showing signs of aging. She used to be very agile and energetic. But recently she has started getting tired too often and has various ailments. She becomes anxious every time someone starts packing bags. She gets all upset and stops eating or becomes overly aggressive. ‘Lesstress for Dog Anxiety’ gives me new hope. It says on the website that this medicine takes care of excessive aggression, mood problems or hyperactivity in dogs. I would certainly like to try the above medicine to calm her down.

Genie has also started showing oral problems. Her mouth frequently turns dark and the doctors say it is because of some oral infection. Bad breath is a constant companion of this problem. From the site I gather there are ‘Z-Ridge Edible Dental Chew Bones’ and ‘Mouth Drops for Dog Bad Breath’ to help fight these problems. Plaques in dogs are more severe since they do not brush their teeth too often 😀 and nor do they eat the leafy greens which prevent plaque.

All in all, this website is a great discovery for all animal lovers who want to know how to take better care of their pets but do not really know how. They’ve even got an extensive range of products for cat ailments, including remedies for the extremely fatal cat kidney disease.

You should stop worrying now since most of your answers lie just a click away. Visit Pet Wellbeing for more information.

Note: This is a sponsored post, but the views expressed here are entirely unbiased.

The truth behind Windows Vista

A picture is worth a thousand words. So here it is…

The truth behind Windows Vista

Thanks to good old Mik aka Twitch for providing the link to the picture.

Google to revamp the translation logic: An attempt to try and win the crown in online instant translations

Google Translation
Ventures into online machine based translations haven’t met with much success so far – at least not to a degree that can be called phenomenal. While smaller words / phrases / sentences translate fine, the translator engines perform rather pathetically when it comes to large chunks of text.

Translation engines have been around since the early 90’s, when AltaVista came out with its famous Babelfish. In general, the online translators are pretty good and are able to convey the essence of the translated text. However, translator engines fair miserably while operating on non-Western languages specially languages which are based on pictograms / ideograms, like Chinese, Japanese etc. Here’s an interesting explanation by stevej on ZDNet blogs.

Pictographs in the Japanese language do not represent words so much as ideas. A pictograph can have many meanings depending on the context it is used in.

Here’s an interesting exercise. Go to any translation site (you now know of at least two) type in a common English sentence. Translate it to Japanese. Then translate it back to English. Surprised? It doesn’t much resemble your original sentence construct, does it?

While for Western languages the results are much more consistent, they’re far from perfect. They glare at you all the more if you go through a complete translation cycle, i.e. translate from one language to another and then back to the source. Take for instance, the first passage of this article. When converted to Spanish and then back to English, this is how it looks:

The companies in translations automated in line have not satisfied by far success until now – at least not to a degree that can be called phenomenal. Whereas words/phrases/smaller orations translate very well, the motors of the translator are made something pathetically when it comes to the great pieces of the text.

Be it Google or AltaVista or for the matter any other online translation engine of good repute, the results are approximately the same. Attempts to perform literal translationsTranslation would have borne disastrous consequences. So that’s an option that is out of question. Thus, these engines rely heavily on contextual translations to dig up the correct meaning of a word or phrase. But then again, every language contains commonly used idioms (even in colloquial speech) which cannot be translated keeping the original meaning or connotation intact – even in contextual mode. While performing such a task may come really easy to humans, keep in mind that the complexity and inner workings of a human mind are virtually impossible to emulate using any algorithm. So far we haven’t been able to identify any distinct patterns in the thought process of human brain that can be coded as mathematical algorithms.

Google seems to have finally realised that, following an incessant barrage of whines and grumbles about it’s own translation service over the past few years. Google envisions that in near future …

people will be able to translate documents instantly into the world’s main languages, with machine logic, not expert linguists, leading the way.

In order to make this happen, Google plans to bring some drastic reforms to the algorithms working behind scene. As is expected of a technology pioneer, they’ve devised a new approach to the whole issue – namely, “statistical machine translation” which differs from any of the past efforts in that it forgoes language experts who program grammatical rules and dictionaries into computers.

Perfect TranslationThe new process involves feeding pre-translated parallel text in various languages into computers and then relying on them to discern patterns for future translations. At the moment the quality offered by this mechanism isn’t perfect either – but there’s a distinct advantage to such a statistical analysis engine. With time, “the more data we feed into the system, the better it gets” said Franz Och, the head of Google’s translation effort at its Mountain View, California headquarters. He further stated that “some people that are in machine translations for a long time and then see our Arabic-English output, then they say, that’s amazing, that’s a breakthrough.

Franz spends his days feeding hundreds of millions of words from parallel texts such as Arabic and English into the computer, using United Nations and European Union documents as primary sources.

However, according to Miles Osborne, a professor at the University of Edinburgh, who has taken an year-long sabbatical to work on Google’s project – while the renewed efforts on Google’s part are thoroughly praiseworthy, there are inherent limitations to the whole machine-based translation endeavour. At the end of the day, software can never overtake humans in areas of expertise such as this. He compares translations to playing chess. Software at best should be used for understanding rather than polishing documents.

Now it’s just a matter of time and hoping – that Google (or any other company) proves him wrong. After all, it’s going to stand testimony to how well humans understand themselves.

Global Language

Source of news & quotes of Franz Och from: Google seeks world of instant translations

Need to share data between your cell, the web and your IM? Send a GAD.

MyGADs LogoIf only I had a penny every time I wished that I could grab some piece of necessary info. (phone numbers, appointments etc.) off the web and have it readily available in my cell or instant messenger… or simply post some SMS that came on my mobile and acess it through my browser later on… I’d probably get as close to a billionaire as one can get 😀

The current technological trend suggests that we’re heading towards a major convergence of software and services for both mobiles & desktop systems. And following up on that most of the major software houses along with the new-born ones are scurrying to launch unified services that offer the best of both worlds.

SychroniseWith the dawn of the Web 2.0 phenomena, specialised services like IMified, ZYB (shouldn’t forget Twitter) etc. have been mushrooming all over the net. But at their best these services address only specific needs. IMified gives you the ability to post to your blog, maintain notes & schedules directly from your favourite Instant Messenger. ZYB on the other hand, acts as a remote synchronisation utility for your mobile phone, helping you back-up your entire contact list on the web for viewing/editing/sharing and easier transfer between other phones. The biggest drawback of these services is that the data you interchange with them have to adhere to specific formats and thus reduces the scope of interoperability.

In comes MyGADs, a brand new offering by Teragram Corp. that is a …

new and very easy way for anybody to create, access and share your personalized information through a Website, text message over a cell phone, or through IM chat.

A GAD is a collection of personalized information. For example, family members can create a GAD with information to share within the family members to store and retrieve personal information such as people birthdays, phone numbers, contact information of the pediatrician, phone number of the neighbors, emergency contact information, license plate numbers, and even a calendar you can share within the family.

The coolest part about this service is that neither of the data you store nor the commands you use have to follow any specific format. MyGADs sports a chat-window like interface, into which you type in your data & queries in a fashion that’s very similar to using natural language queries on search engines. For an example see the picture below…


MyGADs Demo


Once you’ve registered for an account with MyGADs, you can create as many GADs you like and share them with private groups like family, friends etc or even publicly. Where MyGADs beats most other services hands down is Information Accessibility. The information you store in a GAD is available on the web, on your cell-phone as well as through an Instant Messenger that’s compatible with the Jabber protocol (e.g. GTalk).

MyGADs was launched just yesterday (27th March, 2007) and though it’s still in it’s infancy, it has been described in the Today@PC World blog as “one of the more interesting and potentially useful new services I’ve seen at CTIA Wireless 2007.” The service is going to be in free public beta phase till the middle of this year, following which it’ll become an ad supported service.

I can see immense potential in this service, if developed properly. Try it out for yourself… head over to MyGADs and register for a free account.

Found via: Today @ PC World blog

LiveSig: WordPress Plug-in for automatic insertion of graphical signatures generated by MyLiveSignature at the end of each post

MyLiveSignature LogoLorelle’s signature has always stood out as a beautiful example of calligraphy and adds a different dimension to her blog by effortlessly imbibing that much-needed “personal touch” to all her posts. That signature in question has intrigued me since I came upon her blog quite sometime back and I’ve wanted one of my own ever since. Incidentally, if you’re not in the know, Lorelle’s blog is one of the most valuable resource of WordPress and blogging in general out there on the web.

Lorelle's Signature Graphics

However, the ardent desire to own one never really materialised as I’m one of those “graphically challenged” folks 😀 No amount of time spent with an ultra steady hand at the mouse was good enough for me to conjure one – that is, till MyLiveSignature came to my rescue. MyLiveSingature was a chance discovery while I was browsing through some random sites and if you will, ‘I’ve never been so grateful’ for a particular bit of information as this. The site allows anyone to create fancy virtual signatures that can be appended to emails, blog posts, forums signatures and what not. To top it all, these signatures so totally look like real life hand-scribed signatures.

How to go about getting one for yourself?

To start with you’ve register yourself with MyLiveSignature, which comes for free. The site sports a nice web based wizard interface that allows you to choose between 120+ fonts as well as a wide variety of parameters like size, colour, slope etc. all of which combine to render a singature that bears a very close resemblance to your real-life one.

Does this really come for free?

Animated MyLiveSignatureYup. Pretty much so. The basic signature generation service is absolutely free. However, if you wish, for a nominal price ($19.95) you can get yourself an animated signature designed by the professional animators at MyLiveSignature. They also offer a graphical reconstruction service (of your real-life signature) if you prefer that to the computer generated one. This too is a viable option which comes for a meagre $9.95 – but then again the availability of extremely cheap yet high-resolution scanners makes this service kind of redundant.

What’s all this got to do with a WordPress plug-in?

This is where I step in. Following Lorelle’s tracks, I wanted to add that personal touch to all my posts. MyLiveSignature provides you with the HTML code that displays your signature virtually anywhere on a site. If you know even a bit about the inner workings of WordPress, it’d be easy for you to edit the template and include this code in the “loop” to make it appear after each of your posts… but nothing like a simple plug-in which does the same for you without ever requiring you to do any messy template editing.

LiveSig is a WordPress plug-in that automatically inserts your MyLiveSignature code after each of your WordPress posts making it seem like each post has been personally signed by you.

Current Version

  • 0.4


  • Once the MyLiveSignature HTML code has been fed into the plug-in, the plug-in appends your virtual signature at the end of each of your posts.
  • Multi-author blogs are supported. However, as of now, only a user whose Role permits changing of plug-in settings (namely, Administrator) can setup the signatures for individual users. The LiveSig Options page isn’t available to non-admin users (Editors / Authors / Contributors).



[download id=”1″]


Once downloaded, simply…

  • Unzip & Copy the plug-in file into your WordPress plug-ins folder.
  • Activate the plug-in from the Plug-in Manager in WordPress.
  • Visit the Options / Settings menu and find a new item called LiveSig. Click on that to get to the LiveSig Options page. Once there simply select an appropriate user, enter the corresponding MyLiveSignature code and hit Save.

Showcase (the plug-in in action)

Subversion Repository

Change Log

  • Version 0.4 (2008-05-25)
    • Added the option to be able to specify Signature Placement – i.e. at the end of posts on the blog’s front page, at the end of individual posts (single mode) or for both.
    • Removed jQuery library that was being bundled with the plug-in. Since this plug-in uses jQuery only in the administration / configuration interface and in such cases jQuery is provided by WordPress itself, there was no need to include a jQuery release and increase the size of the bundle. Apart from that, inclusion of jQuery twice (once by WP and then by LiveSig) was causing a minor JS Warning to be thrown. That has been eliminated now.
  • Version 0.2.5 (2008-05-19)
    • Minor fix in the UI (Administration Panel) – where the list of users didn’t clear out while selecting a different Roles – in cases, where that particular Role didn’t have any users belonging to it.
  • Version 0.2 (2008-05-19)
    • Added multi-author support. If a blog has more than 1 author, LiveSig can display singatures that are unique to each in appropriate posts.

Please Note

I offer support for my plug-ins via the Chaos Laboratory Support Forum only. I will NOT respond to support queries left in the comment section below and, in most cases, will also not publish them. Of course, if you’d like to say something nice or helpful, feel free to leave a comment!

If you find this plug-in useful, please consider making a donation towards further development of this useful little utility.

Alternatively, you can help me by reviewing this post by clicking on the following link. Believe it or not, this will help us both earn some cash from PayPerPost.

MyLiveSignature found via: Freakitude Technology Blog

Tech Link Train chugs along….

Tech Link TrainFirst and foremost, thanks to Mayank @ ReviewSaurus for tagging me 🙂 Cheers buddy. To quote him, “Tech link train is just a small program going in the blogosphere, which helps in spreading the link love and has other benefits.” All you need to do to spread the light & happiness around is to add your own top 5 favourites (along with the existing list) and post it on your blog. If you ask me, this is not only a good way of gaining plenty of goodwill (along with a bunch of invaluable back-links) – all at one go, but also helps make fellow bloggers aware of your existence…

Here are the exact steps…

  • Write a short paragraph at the beginning of your post and link back to the blog that put you on the list in the paragraph. This isn’t a suggestion. You need to break up the duplicate content string. Someone took the time to add you so the least you can do is give them an extra link-back.

  • Copy the list of originals below COMPLETELY and add it to your blog. If you would like a different keyword for your blog then change it when you do your post and it should pass to most blogs with that keyword.

  • Take the adds from the blog that added you and place them in the “Originals” list.

  • Add no more than 5 new TECH, SCIENCE or CONSUMER ELECTRONICS blogs to the list in the “My Adds” section.

Here are my additions:

Smashing Magazine – Smashing information, easier life
LifeHacker – your Productivity & Software Guide
iface thoughts – reflections of a beautiful mind
Daily Cup of Tech – something to unfold your day with
ScienceBase – an exhaustive collection of scientific articles

The Originals :

Quick Online Tips
Cybernet Technology News
The TechZone
Mega TechNews
Tech Buzz
Connected Internet
John Chow dot Com
Ted Leung on the Air
Geek is a chic.
JMH Techtronics
Web Services
Tech It Like A Man!
Ugh!!’s Greymatter Honeypot
The Tech Inspector LiewCF
Mashable! Hongkiat
Himanshu’s Blog
Tech Nix Update
John TP
Solo Technology
Chaos Laboratory

… and so the train chugs on looking up to you to determine its next destination. Are you up for it?

TailHitter: WordPress Plug-in for automatic insertion of HitTail code in all posts & pages of your blog

The HitTail CycleI’ve been using HitTail for a while now and it has helped me quite a bit along the way in optimising my site / content in order to get increased “natural” search hits. For those who didn’t know, HitTail is a free service that reveals in real-time the least utilized, most promising keywords hidden in the Long Tail of your natural search results. It present these terms to you as suggestions that when acted on can boost the natural search results of your site.

HitTail does it’s job through a tracking code that you’ve to implement in your site. One of the problems I faced along the way was that whenever I changed my WordPress theme, I had to insert the HitTail tracking code manually in each theme’s footer. Trust me when I say it can get really tiresome after a while. There was this one occasion (following a theme switch) when my HitTail stats stopped updating altogether. After much deliberation I figured that while I’d reactivated all my other plug-ins, I’d forgotten to insert the tracking code in my new template. If only I had some plug-in doing the same for me automatically every time, it’d be oh-so-convenient. Hence I did some quick research into plug-ins that insert code into WordPress headers & footers and came up with this one.

Current Version

  • 0.4 (Beta)


  • Inserts the HitTail tracking code into all the posts & pages of your blog automatically.
  • Extremely easy to setup – all you need to do is save the tracking code (provided as is by HitTail) in the plug-in options page.
  • Removal of tracking code is as easy as overwriting the saved one with a blank field.



[download id=”2″]


Once downloaded, simply…

  • Unzip & Copy the plug-in file into your WordPress plug-ins folder.
  • Activate the plug-in from the Plug-in Manager in WordPress.
  • Visit the Options menu and find a new item called TailHitter. Click on that to get to the TailHitter Options page. Once there simply enter your HitTail tracking code and hit Update.

.. and you’re done.

Subversion Repository

Change Log

  • Version 0.4 (2007-03-15)
    • Fixed a major bug that caused the tracking code to be echo-ed out without stripping off the slashes, resulting in invalid JS code that never polled the HitTail service at all. – Thanks to Marcos for pointing it out.
  • Version 0.3 (2007-03-15)
    • Fixed a minor bug that caused incorrect version reporting in WordPress plug-ins management panel.
  • Version 0.2 (2007-03-15)
    • Set the priority of the plug-in to be very low – in effect achieving what HitTail wants, i.e., the HitTail code is now inserted right at the end of the footer. Thanks for George, who runs the G-Loaded (and is an experienced WP Plug-in author) blog for providing valuable advice in this matter.

Please Note

I offer support for my plug-ins via the Chaos Laboratory Support Forum only. I will NOT respond to support queries left in the comment section below and, in most cases, will also not publish them. Of course, if you’d like to say something nice or helpful, then feel free to leave a comment!

Care for the World’s Longest Alphabetical Email Address?

If you are one of those who believe “Size does matter”, this one’s definitely for you 😉 Along with a free 6MB Webmail-box comes the ownership of the “Longest Alphabetical Email Address” in the “Whole Wide World“.

Why on earth would you want one?

Reasons may be plenty…

Some Webforms do not work with your email

Due to the length of the email address, some webforms are not setup to handle such a long email address, and as such, they may deem your email address as invalid or even fraudulent! This is the only email address that would allow you to fail an online webform!

Cinema's Largest NoseSome Email Software Cannot be configured

Again some email software may throw you an error message stating that the email address you enter is invalid simply because the email address is too long! This is also the only email address that would allow you to fail an email software as well!

People Cannot Remember your email address

It will be extremely hard for your friends or your coworkers to actually remember your email address because it is just too long! This is the only email address that would allow you to tease at your friends for not being able to remember your email address!

Companies think that your email address is fake

Companies nowadays love to send spam to people’s email boxes, but imagine what they would think of your email address when they see it; they might think that it is fake and don’t even bother sending you any spam mail! This is the only email address that would actually encourage companies to stop sending spam to you!

Convinced ? Simple head over to Abcde… and get yourself one.


Want More?

Here’s the world’s longest single-word domain name…

Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll Llantysiliogogogoch – which is in Welsh and means “St. Mary’s church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of St Tysilio of the red cave“.

Credits for this find go to good old NilsC.

Unitary: An Ajax based Units Converter Sidebar Widget for WordPress

A brief intro…

This sidebar widget serves as a quick Units Conversion tool – i.e. perform conversions Unitary Screenshotbetween various units of length, area, volume, speed etc., while sitting smugly in the sidebar of widget enabled WordPress blogs. This widget came in rapid succession of curreX (the Currency Converter) and the idea came off a comment by David Bradley at the Weblog Tools Collection blog. Since I’m fairly new to WordPress widget development, I thought why not try my hands at this… and here I am with the first stable release of the same.

Just of a side-note, my venture into the whole PHP-JavaScript-AJAX scene is quite recent. Till now I’d limited myself to mainstream coding on .NET. I find this all new journey really enlightening and am pretty proud of myself at having been able to churn out perfectly working some cool-tools, starting entirely from scratch. Thanks to all those who’ve provided me with ample encouragement to take a steady step in this direction. Once again, as always, I am not perfect. I cannot stress on the fact how important your comments & feedback are in order for me to carry on further with such development work.

Current Version

  • 0.5


  • Converts between hundreds of common & uncommon Units of Length, Area, Volume, Weight / Mass, Speed etc. More unit types to be announced in future.
  • Operates in Basic and Extended mode (which can be set from the Sidebar Widgets Control Panel of WordPress). The Basic mode limits the conversions to the more common & well-known units – thus making it more intuitive and user-friendly. However, the Extended mode makes available for conversions, a far wider array of units (including loads of lesser-known ones). This is meant for blogs which cater to a more scientifically advanced audience.
  • Precision (number of digits after Decimal Point) can be fixed for the converted results.
  • It employs an AJAX back-end, i.e. the conversions are performed without having to refresh the whole page, making the tool really lightweight & fast. Looks cool too.



[download id=”4″]


Installation couldn’t get any easier. Once downloaded, simply…

  1. Copy the extracted folder named curreX into your WordPress plug-ins folder.
  2. Activate the plug-in from the Plug-in Manager in WordPress.
  3. Visit the Sidebar Widgets page under Presentation menu to drag & drop the widget onto any sidebar you desire.

That’s it!

Showcase (the widget in action)

Subversion Repository

Change Log

  • Version 0.5 (2007-03-22)
    • Fixed an Internet Explorer specific bug that caused the units selection drop-down boxes to become blank (unfilled with any unit data) when a unit type was chosen from the first drop-down. The widget now works uniformly across both Internet Explorer & Firefox. All thanks to Náiron J. C. G for the IE-DOM+JavaScript based solution.
  • Version 0.4 (2007-03-15)
    • Fixed a minor bug that caused incorrect version reporting in WordPress plug-ins management panel.
  • Version 0.3 (2007-03-15)
    • Made minor adjustments in the layout of the plug-in resulting in smoother cross-browser rendering.
    • Renamed a bunch of plug-in related variables to avoid name collision with other plug-ins.
  • Version 0.2 (2007-03-14)
    • Included prototype.js with this distribution – as the plug-in wasn’t functioning properly on non-prototype based themes.
    • Fixed minor layout problems of fixed width form fields which was causing the layout to be distorted under different resolutions (read Sidebar width).

Please Note

I offer support for my plug-ins via the Chaos Laboratory Support Forum only. I will NOT respond to support queries left in the comment section below and, in most cases, will also not publish them. Of course, if you’d like to say something nice or helpful, then feel free to leave a comment!