Chaos Lab got broken into

Chaos Lab HackedSo far, I’d only heard about my friends’ sites being taken down.. this was my first personal encounter with hacking of any sort. You may have noticed that Chaos Lab was down for quite a while. I’d been extremely busy over past couple of months travelling around and didn’t get much time to blog. Once I settled down and tried accessing my site – I couldn’t. Nothing seemed to work – not even my domain based e-mail. 😮

Once I inquired with my hosting provider, I got the real picture. Not only my database(s) had been wiped out thoroughly – the whole folder for Chaos Lab in the /home directory had gone missing. Quite naturally – the domain couldn’t be resolved to the correct location.

Luckily for me – my host had a pretty recent backup and they were able to revive most of my site & blog (except for a few draft posts I had & some comments). Everything seems to be in working order now except for a few minor hiccups here and there. I should be back in business i.e. to some serious blogging within a couple of days.

Till then… 🙂