QuillPad – Taking English to Indic Transliteration one step ahead

Red PenFor those who have read my earlier posts on Avro Keyboard and Google’s Inidc Transliteration service, here comes a pleasant surprise for you. Tachyon Technologies – an Indian software firm brings to you QuillPad, a really advanced online (and free) English to Indic transliteration tool.

The interface is pretty similar to Google’s Indic Transliteration page. You have this text-box where you key in words of the Indic language of your choice using English (based on the phoenetics of the word) and they instantaneously get converted to words in the corresponding script. Where you’re unsure about how to spell a word in English, Google offers you pop-up suggestions. QuillPad takes this one step further by automatically inserting words that come closest (spelling-wise) to the words you’re trying to type. There’s probably a pretty powerful dictionary search algorithm working silently behind the scene. And then there are the pop-ups too, in case their auto-spelling mechanism cannot spot the right word for you.

Lets take for example, the word ?????¸ which means things or stuff. This would be spelt as jinis in English. Minus the ‘s’, the word would spell as jini (or যিনি) which means who. As long as you’ve typed up to jini, the transliteration tool spells out who, starting with a য. The moment you add the ‘s’ at the end, the য gets magically transformed into the correct জ. This means that you don’t need to follow any hard and fast transliteration rules. You can fire away at the keyboard in a totally casual way and yet come out with a document that gets a perfect A for spelling.

Another cool feature of QuillPad is automatic transliteration of common English words that have migrated to the Indic vocabulary. A sizeable bunch of English words are found in our colloquial tongue and for many of them there aren’t any counterparts in the Indic languages to convey the correct connotation. Such words are used as they are. With QuillPad in action, you won’t have to grope around to figure out the correct phoenetics. The AI engine automatically does that for you.

QuillPad supports a large selection of Indic languages. That includes Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali & Gujarati. QuillPad also supplies the engine that powers Rediffmail and Rediff Bol.

If you own a site in any of the major Indian languages, QuillPad may be able to help you out on the Searh end. They offer a Indic Search Widget for websites which sure can come in handy.

All in all, this is one awesome example of coding that needs to be checked out immediately.

OnlineCasinoBluebook: Your ultimate guide to online casinos

Online CasinoDoes that risk-taker in you makes its presence felt every so often? Does that involve gambling? Lets face it – all of us would squirm inwardly with pleasure at the prospect of making a quick bundle online. And many of us have tried out their luck sometime or the other. To cut our work short for us, there are millions of online casinos sprouting up at every nook and corner of the net. But do you even know for sure that the casino you’ve blown up a fortune at is for real and not just some scam site designed to make you part with your savings in the shortest possible time? If you’ve had panic attacks on such issues – fear not, cause Online Casino Bluebook is here for your rescue.

The site maintains a nice list of the top ten (and legitimate) online casinos along with a couple of pertinent factors that can help you choose the casino that is right for you. These include the world rankings, welcome bonuses offered, payout percentages as well as solid reviews. The listed casinos are the ones where players will be able to play number one Vegas style casino games like craps, baccarat, blackjack, slots, poker, keno and bingo. The site maintains separate listings of casinos that offer a single type of game only (Poker, Bingo, Roulette etc.). They’ve even dedicated a section to No Deposit Casinos where you don’t have to pay up a bundle beforehand to start playing.

If you’re in a dilemma even after studying the list, you can always get in touch with their support team – who’ll guide you through the process of picking the best casino tailored to meet your needs.

Been cheated/scammed by an online casino ? They can advise you in this regard too, or just point you to sites which act as the casino watchdogs on the net.

The site has a very simple yet easily navigable layout – with easy access to all the important links that you may ever want. However, it could definitely do with a face-lift (a better template, that is). End of the day a bulk of the netizens tend to trust more of eye-candy sites.

For all th gadget freaks, Fat Statement’s here with an online custom button & badge designer

This isn’t about those shiny Web 2.0 badges spotted abundantly around the web these days. Rather these are real-world badges that gadget freaks and people with that individualistic trait would love to show-off on their apparel. These custom buttons and badges are brought to you by Fat Statement AB – a Swedish company specialising in print media.

The badges come in two different sizes – 25 and 45 mm (1 and 1 3/4″) and are made from stainless steel with a protective plastic mylar that covers the picture. Buttons & BadgesTalking about the picture brings us to the coolest part of this service – a fully interactive flash-based designer with which you can create and submit your design in a jiffy. Ordering your own button involves 4 steps. Design, Choose Size & Quantity and Add to Cart. As simple as that. Note that you’ll require Flash Player 9 installed on your computer to be able to work with the designer. Also, for some weird reason the designer didn’t quite finish loading a couple of times. The buttons are printed at 300dpi resolution on high-quality matte photo paper using high-end inkjet printers – so you won’t be wrong in expecting sharp colours and print.

Another cool thing I liked about the service is that it employs an IP-based geo-location service that (on most occasions) correctly identifies your region and immediately tells you the shipping costs. The price for a custom button (of either size) is quite decent – USD 1.5. Shipping is worldwide and as I mentioned earlier comes as an extra that depends on your geographic location.

As for warranty, they do make some sincere promises on their site regarding the replacement of defective shipments. Orders upto 1 kg in weight (approx. 150 medium sized or 450 small badges) are handled with ease.

For more information and ordering, visit Fat Statement.

Show-off your Google, Yahoo, Technorati & Alexa ranks on your site with Rank Widget

Rank Widget Google PR 4There are plenty of services on the net which offer shiny ranking badges for your site. Rank Widget brings the more popular ones among these (Google PageRank, Alexa Traffic Rank, Technorati Blog Rank & Yahoo Search InLinks) under one roof and presents them in a plethora of colours and designs that’ll suit every conceivable taste.

Rank Widget Alexa Traffic RankThe service is free and really simple to use. Just visit Rank Widget, enter your own site’s URL and select the type of ranking badge (among the above mentioned four) you want. Once you’ve hit the Get Rank button, the selected ranking appears on a multitude of badges (both static and animated) along with the code needed to embed each in your site.

If you’re one who likes to proudly show off your site’s ranking, this service is a must try for you.

AIMpromote: Lead Management & Reselling at its best

ManagementLead Management is the process of rapidly and effectively creating, nurturing, distributing and analyzing leads. The ultimate objective is to increase the likelihood that a lead will convert to a qualified opportunity and then into a new, satisfied customer. Lead management can be considered the connectivity between advertising and customer relationship management.

Traditionally, marketers have been the ‘idea’ people, experimenting with creative ways to generate leads and create awareness. The task of turning these leads into long-term customers was the responsibility of the sales people. However, the age of technology has brought with fierce competition. Sheer manpower cannot cope with the volume of leads generated and the trade associated with it. If a company has to survive and make it big – it mandatory for it to employ some sort of an automated mechanism that seamlessly encompasses sales, marketing as well as after-sales-service. When I say seamless, I mean a software that records every single instance of interaction with a customer in as much details as possible thereby enabling the staff to retrieve the information as and when necessary. Customers can interact with a diverse range of people from different departments in a company without ever having to repeat the history of their interaction each time. The benefits of such a system are far too many.

Customer RelationshipAIMpromote is an on-demand web-based software application that helps you manage the handling of sales leads. While essentially being a CRM software, it’s focused on handling leads. One of the special features of AIMpromote is the ability to sell leads (lead aggregation business). Passing sales leads outside of your enterprise to business partners presents a multitude of challenges. The lead flow process can become enormously complex as a multitude of interactions and subsequent actions begin to build up thus creating a variety of scenarios that can be both productive and counter-productive. AIMpromote enables you to manage such leads yourself then pass them onto a reseller client for a profit without having to worry about loosing business. This CRM tool presents your business partners with a list of prospective leads from which they’re free to cherry pick the ones that appear to them the as most conducive to their own businesses. However, you won’t have to spend sleepless nights over selling off an important lead by mistake. An active lead appraisal system warns you of each lead’s potential worth – so you are free to judge for yourself which ones you should let go.

The software is simply too vast to discuss in a short article – but apart from some heavy-duty lead management it offers Advanced Reporting Capabilities (Campaign performance, ROI etc.), Sales Force Automation (Marketing automation, Customs Tasks & Calendars, Newsletters, Auto-notifications etc.), a highly advanced User Management and Authentication system combined with a Support and Consultation mechanism. Last but not the least is easy Website Integration and Internet Marketing facilities. Moreover, since all lead related data contains sensitive private information, all transactions over the net are performed through secure, encrypted channels. All stored data is kept encrypted too using AES – which gives you another solid reason not to loose your nights sleep over.

AIMpromote certainly offers the best value-for-money when you compare the horde of features offered against it’s rock-bottom pricing (starting at $33.00). In fact it beats most other leading CRM softwares hands down owing to this.

And if you’re still not convinced you can always sign-up for a free full-featured 14 day trial.