Projects · December 8, 2006 0


CodeLibrarian is my brainchild born out of necessity. It’s a handy storage/archiving tool for code snippets. It stores the thousands of code snippets you may accumulate from all over the net over years and helps you keep them all neatly categorized in a fully search-able local lightweight SQLite database.CodeLibrarian, which is entirely written in C# is based on Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 framework and released as open-source under GNU GPL (General Public License), which in other words means that the software is freely download-able along with it’s source code for further modification and development.

Here’s a short list of planned and/or implemented features:

  1. Easy export (and mailing) of a single/multiple/all snippet(s) from a single category or across multiple categories. As good as ‘one-click’ sharing of your favourite snippets with your friends.
  2. Ability to upload and synchronise your snippets with a remote server – with a web-interface for browsing your snippets from any corner of the world, as long as you’ve a net connection.

You can download the source files for the pre-alpha version 0.1 below. A copy of the same can be checked out of the OpenSVN subversion repository at:

I highly recommend the usage of TortoiseSVN for checking in & out of the repository. TortoiseSVN is an extremely easy to use Revision Control / Version Control / Source Control software for Windows. It’s not integrated with any specific IDE (Integrated Delevopment Environment) and hence you’re free to use it with any development tools you like.

You’ll need the NET 2.0 SDK to compile and run the code. Also suggested for downloading: SharpDevelop, which is a terrific open-source IDE for C#.


Source Code – Pre-Alpha v0.1