Internet / Web 2.0 · December 13, 2006 0

eyeOS – a great new Web-based Operating System

eyeOS is based on the relatively new concept of Web 2.0 and provides you with a new work and organization method. It’s a completely free (Open Source) desktop system running from your browser, where anybody can collaborate and expand it.

It sports a pretty simplistic and cool browser-based interface (desktop) that’s easy to use and refreshing at the same time – though it may be because of the relatively few applications available for it as of now. Among the featured applications in the basic web-edition are:

  • eyeHome – an integrated File Manager
  • eyeEdit – a mini word-processor with a decent amount of features
  • eyeCalc – a very basic calculator
  • eyePhones – an internet telephony application
  • eyeMessages – a groupware messaging utility
  • eyeBoard – Shoutbox work-alike
  • eyeNav – an web-browser within your browser
  • eyeRSS – a RSS Feed Reader
  • and some assorted PIM (Personal Information Manager) tools…

A more complete list of applications can be found in their software database at:

eyeOS Screenshot

As stated earlier, eyeOS is primarily targetted as a groupware and collaboration OS and big corporations might benefit quite a lot from it. It offers quite a high-degree of extensibility and the ability to easily write applications for it using a combination of PHP & MySQL. eyeOS can not only run from the web – the server software can be readily downloaded and run on your office intranet providing you with the same facilities on your own LAN.

The biggest advantage of such Web-OSes are in terms of mobility and install-less usage, as in once the main server has been installed, you can work on your files using the integrated applications from any corner of the world. You’ll never have to carry your files around and/or install the required software(s) on any other system to modify them.

Interested ?? Take a quick-tour / demo at: eyeOS Demo. If you find it useful, you can register for free and start using the basic version hosted at the eyeOS site.