LifeStyle · December 13, 2006 0

World’s costliest phone earns Guiness Record

A new limited edition mobile phone from Goldvish, the Swiss cell-phone maker has beat the Vertu collection to being the world’s costliest phone ever. If you thought that the Vertu was mind-bogglingly expensive, think twice. This particular collection called PLATO and referred to as “Le million” PIECE UNQIUE was awarded a Guiness World Record for the unique distinction of being the Most Expensive & Most Exclusive handset worldwide. Since this is a limited edition, only 100 sets will be made and distributed around the world.

According to current pricing, this handset costs approximately USD 1,270,000 – that’s right ! Close to one point two million dollars.

Goldvish Plato Collection

The sets are encased with 120 carats of diamonds, made of white gold, sport sapphire glass displays and incorporate the advanced quad-band technology. According to Goldvish, these sets are a

“fusion of exclusive Swiss watch-making and high-tech, combined with the type of after-sales service that only a high-end luxury brand can give.”

The phone was featured recently at the Millionaire’s Fair in Moscow.

Personally, even if I had the money to buy one of these, I wonder if I’d feel safe at all walking around with one. I’d probably need to be flanked by a mini-army of armed security-men.