Internet / Web 2.0 · December 13, 2006 0

YouOS – another contender in the Web 2.0 genre

YouOS is another experimental operating system that’s built around the Web 2.0 framework and runs straight from your browser providing you with worldwide accessibility (wherever you’ve got an internet connection). Compared to eyeOS, the interface pretty much resembles a Windows or Linux desktop and you can get cracking at it right away. Personally, for me this felt kind of cliche and I’d prefer the eyeOS interface any day.

Registration of course is free and so are the default set of applications, the icons for which are loaded onto your desktop the moment you login. Similar to eyeOS, you’re provided with …

  • A File Manager
  • A Text-Editor
  • Chat Client
  • RSS Feed Reader
  • A Firefox inspired Web-browser
  • Instant Messenger etc.

There’s something about all these Web OS systems that I find a tad bit superfluous – that is creating a web-browser within a web-browser. However, I found a few handy tools that were lacking in eyeOS but are readily available with the default setup of YouOS. StickyNotes & a Shell (Command Console) were two of them. Also pre-installed is a file and music sharing application.

YouOS Screenshot

There’s a large application base and you’ve free to pick & choose and install whichever software you find conducive to your work. Some of the most common applications available for installation are a MAC OS 7 simulator, MSN messenger, GMail checker, NES Emulator, Text Editors and Process Manager.

It might take some more time for YouOS to become more useful and functional and for people who have been using Windows or other operating systems for quite a while may not really look upto YouOS very soon. But for those who would want to move around with their stuff, YouOS does a very good job. Create files and content in YouOS and save it, resume working on your stuff from anywhere.

For a quick taste of YouOS, head for the Demo.