Internet / Web 2.0 · December 14, 2006 0

Craythur Web OS

Craythur is another new kid in the ever-mushrooming Web OS block. It’s heavily reliant on JavaScript/AJAX and primarily based on the Prototype and frameworks, which originated on the Mac.

At the first glance it seems that this one is geared more as a Personal Information Manager rather than an all-rounder OS and all the utilities provided on the desktop corroborate just that. In my opinion, that might in fact spell it’s success since it’s trying to be the “Master” of a single trade rather than being the “Jack” of all. Among the installed information managers are:

  • Bookmarks
  • Contacts
  • Tasks
  • Banking
  • Notes
  • Scheduler / Calendar
  • Files etc.

Registration is free and gets you started with 100MB of disk space. For a quick tour, you can visit the Craythur Site and enter “demo” as both login and password.

The interface bears a strong resemblance to the new Windows Vista Aero look with glassy transparent title bars and nice themed icons.

Craythur Screenshot

A lot of bug reports have started flowing in – but then that is to be expected at such a nascent stage. For me it worked pretty smooth without a single hiccup.

Judging from the overall functionality, it seems this one is still in very early stages. It’ll be worthwhile to get back to it in a couple of months time and see the progress.

Why not give it a try and let me know about your experience ?