Web 2.0 / Windows · December 14, 2006 3

FlyakiteOSX – Truly great OS X transformation pack for XP

When I first read about this my thoughts were – “Oh no..one more player in the already too crowded Web OS gang !!” How wrong I was ! This one turned out to be a transformation pack for Windows XP, giving you a complete Mac makeover. Visiting the site took my breath away. This one is a MUST SEE. According to the author,

FlyakiteOSX is not just a website. It is a software package designed to make an XP based computer look like OS X.

… and truly it lives every bit upto it’s claim. If the online interface demonstration is anything to go by, one can imagine what the real thing is. It’s probably the closest to a real OS interface hosted online complete with all the frills and animations of the OS X interface.

FlyakiteOSX Screenshot

Take a quick tour: FlyakiteOSX

I wonder if the author has any intentions to evolve this into a full-blown Web OS. Am sure this one will do great judging from what I’ve seen of the other ones. Any thoughts ?