AdSense / Internet · December 14, 2006 0

Google’s New Offering: Google Patents

Google’s at it again and this time with a much-needed patent search engine. It sports the same minimalistic interface that’s a trademark of Google and allows you to perform fulltext searches on a database of over 7 million patents and view the details of each patent along with all the drawings / sketches. The scanned pages of the original patents are displayed in a PDF-like format with the ability to zoom in/out on the scans.

Apparently it uses the same underlying technology as Google Book Search. For those who’ve cracked their skulls over the notorious USPTO search engine this one is a mere breeze 😉

Here’s a screen-shot:

Google Patents Screenshot

Check out some funky patents that came up by default on the search page…

This might act as great tool for patent lawyers. Any comments ?