Internet · December 15, 2006 1

Astahost: The very best in Free Web-hosting

I had written this review of Astahost for FreeWebSpace quite sometime back. Since Astahost or rather Xisto Corporation in general have been so benevolent and supportive of me, they definitely deserve a special mention.

Way back in the beginning quarter of 2005 …

As usual like everyone else, I was out on a hunt for a free host that would meet most of my requirements (PHP/PERL scripting, MySQL databases etc.) I can’t say the hunt was really fruitful and I was almost on the verge of being extremely disappointed when I came across AstaHost. While the whole idea of posting messages and being active on their forum was a big drawback ( I’d been giving a wide berth to such sites all this while ) – I still went ahead and decided to give it a shot.

Their rules were: 10 good posts for your starter package (20 MB disk space, 2 GB monthly bandwidth & ALL features) and an additional 50 posts over the first 10 for an upgrade (150 MB space, 3 GB monthly bandwidth & the rest). With this in mind I embarked upon my posting mission – and however daunting a task those first 10 posts might sound – I had them in no time. After that it was a breeze. These 10 posts or the subsequent ones that you’ve to do to maintain your account is hardly ANYTHING for the amazing host of features they are offering.

PHP & Perl for one, unlimited MySQL/PostGRESQL Databases, unlimited email accounts, auto-responders & mail filters, unlimited subdomains, unlimited ftp accounts & mailing lists, cPanel, Fantastico, Hundreds of pre-compiled Scripts & Forum Software – these are but a minimal glimpse of the mind-boggling array of features you get here.

Other than this the forums themselves are very absorbing by their own right and they have a very friendly community there filled with hundreds of hardcore techies who’re willing to respond to your day-to-day computer problems/queries immediately. This was an added bonus to the hosting – more like a customer service/support system involving some of the best around the world.

The rules have changed quite a bit ever since then and now you do not need 10 posts to get hosting anymore. Rather a couple of good posts are enough to fetch you the required credit count for the first hosting package. Most applicants get hosting within the first two-three posts nowadays.

I would highly recommending this hosting service to everybody I meet. Astahost is the way to go. 🙂