AdSense · December 15, 2006 6

Google experimenting with the “Ads by Google” link in AdSense

I’d read about Google experimenting around with the “Ads by Google” link in AdSense content but came to experience it myself only today. The previous examples I’d seen were of a miniature of the colourful Google Logo itself, shown below…

New AdSense Logo

What I encountered today was quite different from the prior illustration. Concerns were being raised about the decrease of click-through rates because of presence of the logo and seems like they reached Google’s ears. Either that or someone at their labs was smart enough to figure it out. They’ll probably settle for a smaller and more unobtrusive logo – the one that appears as their favicon on the Google sites. Not just that! In my case the logo came up matching uniformly with the colour palette of my ads. I’ve got my ads sets to show only black text on white background and that’s how the logo in mine appeared. Here’s how it looks..

AdSense according to palette

What still beats me is the purpose of this logo – as if the words “Ads by Google” weren’t enough!! However, they finalise on this, I don’t think the publishers are going to have too much of a problem with it.

What say you ?