Internet · December 19, 2006 0 Site navigation without a single mouse-click

Institute For Interactive Research brings you a rocking new concept in interface design – a fully navigable website devoid of any mouse-clicks.

The site aptly named lets you navigate through a lot of content without having to click even once. Accidental / unintentional clicks are automatically recorded and used in statistical analysis which is then presented to you. The site is packed to the brim with interesting topics starting from the time-line of GUI development to ergonomics behind clicks.

There are a bunch of click-less flash-based games too – which actually test out your urge to click under different given scenarios. You can take part in click-less opinion polls as also in some experiments that may helps in furtherance of this concept. Very frequently you’ll find the site trying to provoke you and challenge your urge to click.

The site isn’t new by any means – it dates back to late 2005 (October), but it’s one of those evergreen sites you can spend a lot of time on learning new ideas/concepts as well as cool facts. All the while you navigate through the site, your navigation and mouse-movements are recorded and added to their database for further analysis.

Why not give it a shot ?? Visit