C# / VB.NET · December 26, 2006 2

Line Counter: An indispensible tool for the .NET Developer

If you’re a serious .NET developer and use Visual Studio for coding, you’d definitely feel the need to check your project size from time to time. Not only it helps in tracking the size, in a way it gives you an overall idea about the progress as well.

While I was using VS 2003, there was a very handy add-in named Project Line Counter (PLC) from WndTabs software which did an excellent job of showing you detailed information about the size of the whole project as well reports about individual files. However, it seems like the author of PLC stopped working on it since – and no new version for VS 2005 was ever released. I missed my favourite tool sorely.

On a sudden impulse I went on a hunt all over the CodeProject site where I’d discovered PLC a couple of years back and to my great joy came across a brand new tool called Line Counter written by an similarly frustrated coder, who got tired of waiting for a new release of PLC and wrote one himself.

LineCounter Screenshot

While this add-in is still incomplete in certain aspects, functionality-wise it’s no less than it’s predecessor.

It gives you detailed reports on total number of lines in each file, the actual number of lines containing code and number of commented lines.

The author has been overly generous and gone into an in-depth discussion on writing Visual Studio Add-ins. The article makes a very good read.

Both the source code for the Add-in as well as a pre-compiled installer are available for download at the same page, as also a link to the original PLC is provided.

For your convenience I’m posting the direct-download links here.. but in any case, you’d need a CodeProject account and need to be signed-in to be able to download.


Hope you find this add-in really useful. I do, for one.