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Local Website Archive: Archive your favourite pages in a snap

I’ve using this really handy freeware that makes all other Offline Browsers go for a toss. Admitted, Offline Browsers are real good for storing content offline – but very soon your pages and directories become an uncontrollable mess if not organized properly from Day 1. Besides they still reside as individual pages and folders creating a messy folder containing thousands of files.

Here’s a neater & manageable alternative to that: Local Website Archive.

I download thousands of tutorials from the net everyday and I’d always have problems organizing them properly. As mentioned above – I’d have a jumble of folders – and very soon lost track of all my pages.

Local Website Archiver

Now that I’ve been using the Local Website Archiver for quite a while – everything’s so neatly categorized – and packed into just ONE Archive file which I can carry along anywhere. In short the huge knowledge base of websites that I’ve built up can be transported/read easily even off a USB flash/thumb drive.

Capturing pages that you are viewing in your browser is as simple as pressing F9 (or any hotkey that you specify – and the page is immediately captured and added to your archive, in the user selected category).

The software smoothly integrates with Firefox as well as most of the popular browsers. Besides, you can even perform a Google like search on your stored content from the Archiver Software itself. The Lite Version is the freeware one.

Found it a really convenient tool? Be sure to write back.