Windows · December 26, 2006 1

Registrar Lite: A really Powerful & Free Registry Editor

Registrar Lite is a powerful & immensely flexible registry editor for WinXP/2000/NT/ME/9x that offers a horde of necessary features that are totally lacking in the standard registry editor (RegEdit) packaged with Windows. It’s brought to you by Resplendence Software.

Registrar Lite sports a Windows Explorer like two-pane interface with a handy navigation toolbar. The features include…

  • Background Search and Replace – which, unlike RegEdit doesn’t stop you from browsing the registry while a search is taking place.
  • Clipboard support (which means Cut/Copy/Paste) with drag & drop for registry values and keys.
  • A cool Bookmark Editor which allows you to add custom descriptions to the bookmarked keys. This is really useful in organising all those cool registry hacks you learnt from the net.
  • An Address Bar similar to Explorer which allows you to type in and access any desired key really quick.
  • An advanced registry Key/Value Editor that support all existing registry data types.
  • Registry key Import & Export functionality with support for all native registry file types.
  • Security Editor (only available in Windows XP/2000/NT) thats allow you to set registry key permissions, auditing and ownership.
Registrar Lite Screenshot

The software is really quick-loading and has a pretty small disk footprint of approx. 3.5MB.

It’s a must have for anyone who dabbles in registry tweaking from time to time. It’s FREE. Grab it from the Resplendence Site.

NOTE: Those who do not want to leave the comfort zone of RegEdit and start using a new software, there’s always RegEdit Extensions – which enhances the standard Windows Registry Editor by adding on a subset of the features mentioned above.