AdSense · December 28, 2006 2

Further musings on Google’s experimentation with the AdSense logo

I’d talked about my own experience with the “Ads by Google” logo experimentation in one of my earlier posts titled, Google experimenting with the “Ads by Google” link in AdSense.

There I’d pointed out how Google might have actually heard the grumbles against the idea and resorted to a win-win approach for both Google & AdSense Publishers by tweaking the new logo to blend in with colour palette of your Ads.

AdSense according to palette

Seems like I was pretty much right about it. A recent Ad that showed up on my site contained a full Google logo – in pure BLACK with WHITE background, which is the default palette set for my Ads.

New Logo

I don’t really mind if the logo turns up consistently like this, as it’s pretty much unobtrusive and I don’t think it’s going to reduce the CTR noticeably.

However, according to CaptainRon at Astahost Forums who’s recently read The Google Story, apparently 60% of users who click Google Ads have no idea that they’re doing so. In a way it might be a logical step for Google to avoid any kind of lawsuits, though this could make that segment aware that they’re clicking on ads and hence make them deviate from it.
What say you?