Freeware / Windows · January 5, 2007 7

Avro Keyboard: A terrific English to Bengali Phoenetic Typing (Transliteration) Software

Avro Keyboard by OmicronLab is a really terrific Bengali typing software that performs on-the-fly phoenetic transliteration of typed text in English – which means that those who require to type in Bengali, but are unfamiliar / uncomfortable with the layout of the Bengali Keyboard can simply zip ahead and type the Bengali text as they’d spell it in English and Avro would insert the corresponding Bengali characters for them automatically. Cool, eh ?

Avro has been designed to work with literally any UNICODE compliant text-editor. When you set it to Avro PhoneticTransliteration mode and start typing, a tiny window pops-up allowing you to enter the text in English. Once you hit Space/Enter/Tab it’s converted immediately to the corresponding Bengali text and pasted in your editor.

For example, if you type “ami banglai gan gai” – the output you’d get is: আমি বাংলায় গান গাই.

It also has this continuous parsing method where you needn’t press Space/Enter/Tab – the parsing occurs for every character as you type.

It has been designed to be editor independent and doesn’t restrict your typing to any particular editor. As I mentioned earlier on, the free floating typing window allows you to type the text anywhere and save it as long as the editor can save Unicode encoded text.

Also included is a Dictionary support (totally editable by users) for the English-Bengali typing with auto-correction.

Other than that, for the Bengali keyboard aware folks it also offers Traditional Keyboard Layout based typing where you turn of phoenetic transliteration and type as you would on a normal Bengali keyboard. Supported keyboard layouts are UniBijoy, Avro Easy, Bornona & Jayita.

There’s even a mouse based typing feature where you can click the keys on a floating keyboard to type.

Best part is even if your Windows installation doesn’t support Bengali, you can still type in it using Avro. Moreover, the free-form typing approach has made it possible for your to enter Bengali text literally anywhere… in MS Office Suite, in your favourite Web-Browser, in a web-page creator to create Bengali sites, in Instant Messengers while chatting etc. The possibilities are endless.

Since Avro uses Open Type Fonts (OTF), it is possible to combine both English and Bengali in the same document using the same font. Unicode compliance allows for searching and sorting of the Bengali text too.

For all Bengali speakers out there on the net, try it out today !! You won’t regret it. 🙂