Firefox / SEO · January 6, 2007 3

SearchStatus: Another great SEO extension (add-on) for Firefox with a twist

A couple of weeks back I’d written about two SEO/SERP analyser extensions for Firefox namely …

Recently I came across another great extension called SearchStatus that offers similar functionality as the above two with a twist… in the sense that this one offers something that neither of the above-mentioned offer. This one throws in a combined display of Google Pagerank & Alexa Traffic ranking in your status-bar making it a really useful extension.

SearchStatus Screenshot

However, the SEO tools offered in this one are not as powerful or cover as much ground as the former two. Among them are …

  • Backward / Related links
  • Keyword / Nofollow highlighting
  • Fast keyword density analyzer
  • Alexa Info etc.

Apparently while displaying Alexa Ranking, it sends information about the site (URL) & visitor (IP) to Alexa Web Services, thus acting in somewhat similar fashion to that of the Alexa toolbar for Internet Explorer. Thus, it might actually help boost the ranking of your site.

All in all I found this extension quite useful (specially because of the rank indicators) and I got rid of the Google Pagerank Status extension I had earlier on, the moment I installed this one. Why not ? This might sound a bit shameless, but after all this one is like two for the price of one. 😀

Try out SearchStatus rightaway.