Firefox · January 10, 2007 0

Render Firefox 2 Tabs according to your installed OS Theme

An article at CyberNet shows you a cool trick to make Firefox 2 render the Tabs according to the installed theme of your OS. Normally Firefox tabs are rendered same across all OS-es, be it Windows, Linux or Mac and are kind of bland if you consider the visual aspect. Those who like fancy graphics / themes might find this particularly unappealing…

Firefox Tabs Rendered by the browser

Say for instance, in Windows Vista when you hover the mouse cursor over buttons & other objects, they acquire a glassy appearance with a faint blue glow. This trick will make Firefox to render the tabs exactly like your OS does for other applications.

This involves a simple 2 step process…

  1. Install the Stylish extension, which allows you to use custom stylesheets to render the XUL components of Firefox as well as do a self-customised complete make-over of any website you’re visiting.
  2. Next use the style sheet found here along with Stylish and enable the style (simply copy & paste the code in the style sheet into Stylish, give the new style a name & enable it).Creating a new style in Stylish

That’s it !! Your tabs will now look like this (I’m using XP) …

Firefox Tabs Rendered by the OS

Anytime you feel like switching back to the Firefox’s original style, simply open the Style Manager of Stylish and disable the style.

Incidentally, you should check out the styles gallery at UserStyles.Org – they’ve got hundreds of thousands of cool styles listed there with which you can do a complete makeover of most of the popular websites (e.g. Gmail, Orkut, Hotmail, Yahoo, MySpace etc.)