Freeware / Internet / Windows · January 11, 2007 1

HTAccessible: A cool GUI to modify .htaccess visually (for beginners)

For the beginners who want to reap the benefits of the .htaccess file but are daunted by it’s cryptic syntax – here’s a cool tool for you to modify the file visually.

TLHouse Software brings you HTAccessible – a freeware with a nice and easy GUI that allows you to create custom .htaccess files based on criteria you specify using the software. The menus contain various clauses of .htaccess grouped according to their functionality. You simply select a clause to work on and specify the parameters and the code is auto-generated for you.

HTAccessible Screenshot

Files that you’re working on can be saved and edited later on. The software lacks in one respect – if only it contained a FTP module that enabled you to upload the created file directly to your web-server, it could be called a real all-rounder.

This tool not only aids the beginners in writing the .htaccess – it makes them familiar with the syntax and enables them associate syntaxes with their underlying functions. Very soon you might find yourself able to write one without the help of this software.

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