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Firefox OpenSearch Plug-in Samples for a wide variety of sites

OpenSearch LogoFollowing the tutorial(s) I posted on creating OpenSearch plug-ins for Firefox that can search Invision Power Board based forums & WordPress blogs, I received quite a few requests for help in creating such plug-ins for a wide variety of blogs/CMS/sites.

To make the job easier for all of you, I decided to create a couple of sample plug-ins, which I’ll list here as zip files. The zip will contain…

  • An XML file – which contains the actual plug-in code
  • A sample HTML file, which shows how to display a plug-in installation link on your site, as well as how to enable auto-discovery of the same by Firefox & IE7

Simply go through those files and replace the appropriate fields. In most cases, all you’ll need to modify is the actual URL to your site and the Author details. While setting up the plug-in at your site, feel free to put your name as the author’s name in it. No credits are required 🙂

I’ll try to cover as much ground as possible and update this list frequently. At the moment, the list isn’t so “wide” as I claimed in the title 😀 and if you don’t find a suitable plug-in here, check back at a later point of time, or just drop me a line at:

My email address

To start with, I’ll list the plug-ins I’ve received the maximum number of requests for…

Plug-ins List

Content Management Systems

  1. Mambo CMS based Sites
  2. Joomla CMS based Sites

Bulletin Board Systems

  1. Invision Power Board based Forums

Blog Softwares

  1. WordPress based Blogs

Miscellaneous Sites

  1. iPodNova Torrent Search
  2. BlogSpot based Blogs
  3. PsyDB – Psychedelic Trance Database