Internet / Life, Universe & ... / SEO · January 15, 2007 2

Chaos Laboratory switches to the no-www version from today

My site has been up for quite sometime now and has started enjoying decent link-backs. Google’s definitely crawling my pages. Surprisingly, my PageRank never increased. It was ZERO on the first day and it stayed ZERO till today.

A little investigation revealed that while, is at PR 0, has silently crept up to PR 2 !! So Google has been indexing the non-www version of my site all this while, while the www-based version has been left untouched.

I’d heard about this PageRank Splitting issue quite sometime back but never paid any attention. Experienced it first hand, today ! However, I am not one to give up so easily on my PR. The easiest way out here was to switch to the non-www version for good. Since Google has already indexed it well, why not use that to my advantage? Besides, the www subdomain is pretty useless anyway.

There are two ways of doing this…

  • First – for the non-techies – is to use the No-WWW plug-in for WordPress. This automatically redirects all www based requests to the primary domain based URL.
  • The second method – which I believe is the more elegant way of getting it done, involves editing the .htaccess file, if you’ve got access to it. Inserting the following lines in .htaccess will get your job done. However, you need Apache’s ModRewrite to be up and working for this to take effect.
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www\.your-domain\.com$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$$1 [R=301,L]

Make sure you replace the your-domain with your actual domain name. This will effectively and fail-safely rewrite all the www based addresses of your site to it’s non-www counterpart.

No more headaches about split PR 🙂