Freeware / Windows · January 16, 2007 3

Repair / Recover your PC with a full-fledged Toolkit on a 32MB USB Flash Drive

PC Repair SystemThis rocking PC Repair System was the results of a 32MB USB Drive Contest held by Daily Cup of Tech. The contestants were required to come up with ideas on the most innovative usage of a 32MB USB drive and this submission came out as one of the clear winners.

The USB PC recovery toolkit contains 37 essential fix-it proggies, a couple of which I’ve reviewed here before. One of the criteria of this contest was that the software crammed onto the USB drive should either be freeware or opensource. This submission fully adheres to those terms. The kit also contains a handy interface to all these tools created by the folks at Daily Cup of Tech using the AutoIt scripting system.

Here’s a list of all the proggies…

Using this toolkit doesn’t involve anything complicated at all. All you’ve to do is download a compilation of these tools neatly wrapped into a 14.2MB Zip file. Once downloaded, extract the zip onto a USB drive with a capacity of 32MB or greater. Last step involves unplugging and reinserting the drive and you’re good to go.

This can help you fix laptops & PCs real quick – be it for your boss or your friends. The possibilities are endless.

Download the PC Repair System Toolkit.