Windows · January 16, 2007

Royale (Noir) Theme for Windows XP updated to v1.4.6

A couple of days back I’d reviewed the ultra cool Royale Blue and Royale Noir Black themes for Windows XP. Both the themes came as part of a single theme file called msroyale. Along with that I’d also provided a link to the Zune theme, which is almost similar to Royal Noir, except for a touch of orange here and there.

Seems like recently there was an update in the theme pack and now all three themes (Royale, Royale Noir & Royale Zune) are available as part of a single theme installer pack named Royale Remixed. While you had to manually unzip the previous version in the Windows themes folder, this one comes in the form of an executable installer that does the whole installation part for you.
Here are a couple of screen-shots for you…

Royale (Blue)

Royale (Blue) Theme

Royale Noir (Black)

Royale Noir (Black) Theme

Royale Zune (Black & Orange)

Royale Zune (Black & Orange) Theme

I couldn’t find any official download location for this theme pack. However, they’d been put up for download on a couple of free file-hosting services, which surprisingly stopped working after a while. However, do not be disappointed ๐Ÿ˜€ I’ve uploaded them on alternate locations and here’s the list …

Note: The installer is kind of buggy and along with Royale, it installed a theme called Windows Media Center Edition (with all new icons), which I simply couldn’t get to work. If it works for you, do leave a comment.

P.S. I managed to find the original artist’s site for this theme-pack.