WordPress · January 17, 2007 2

Handy Cheat Sheets for WordPress Plug-in & Theme Developers

WordPress API Cheat SheetA quick-tip for all the aspiring plug-in or theme developers for WordPress – I dug up two very handy cheat sheets (references) that contain summarised information on the Theme & Plug-in (WordPress 2.x) API hooks. Both are in 1280×1024 pixels PNG format and can be found at the 480x blog.

I couldn’t figure out the name of creator from his blog – but the guy’s probably a U.S. marine and has been posted in places like Iraq, Korea & Japan. Whoever he is, thanks to him for these great pieces of work.

Here are the direct links to those cheat sheets:

You can get them for free and they’re are worth every bit of it !!