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A Human Figure Clock & a Live Fish-Tank Lava Lamp using computer monitor

Human Figure EightRecently, I came across this post in the Stupid Random and Hilarious blog that depicted the digits 0-9 composed of various strange combinations of human postures. Following the trail, I came upon this real-time clock that utilises these figures to display the current time.

The clock has been designed by Billy Chasen who’s a Long Island (New York) based freelance graphics designer as well as a web designer. Billy’s site had another bunch of surprises in store. Billy is an accomplished artist who dabbles in innovative artwork revolving around technology. He always comes up with ingenuous ideas to incorporate technology “either directly or figuratively” into all his pieces giving birth to some really cool fusion art.

What really caught my attention at his site was this Lava Lamp made out of an aquarium with live fish placed on top of a computer monitor. According to Billy, “the fish do not mind the monitor and are sometimes entranced by it.” He’s even got a short video of the lamp in action at his site. I simply loved the concept and admired Billy’s work even more after watching the video.

[flv:/postimage/fishtank.swf 430 241]

A couple of more examples of his work, which include a portrait made out of acrylic strips and a still-life composition using a rusty anvil which is supported mid-air by a quilt pen dipped in an inkwell which rests on the Bible. The piece is called “Weight of Words“.
Portrait made out of Acrylic Strips Weight of Words

Here’s more from the beautiful mind of Billy Chasen.

P.S. This is an introductory post which comes in the wake of a new section in my blog named “Trend-Setters“.