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XP’rience Vista: Screenshots of open application in Taskbar

Life doesn't stop at this pointThis is the first post in a new series of tips & tricks that I’m going to run henceforth on my blog. The series will deal with accessorising Windows XP and enjoying a Vista like experience. The series will be called XP’rience Vista.

Vista is still going to take some time before it hits the general consumer market and even after it does so, it’ll take a good while to convert the majority of users out there. Till then, why not enjoy tasty bits of Vista delivered right on to your XP desktop !!

Here’s you first XP >> Vista transformation toy – Visual Task Tips. Windows Vista has got a new function integrated into it’s shell to display a miniaturised screenshot of a running application when you hover your mouse on the application tabs in your taskbar. This comes in handy when you have multiple instances of an application open (say multiple browser windows) and want to figure out what’s running where.

Visual Task Tips Screenshot

Instead of sending you off on a wild goose chase, the thumbnail previews actually helps you pin-point the application you wish to switch to, thus causing a big boost in your productivity.

The software has a few known limitations though. Certain applications like MS Word, MS Visual Studio, Windows Media Player, Autodesk 3DS Max etc. render themselves in unusual ways to improve performance. The thumbnails for such software may turn up as black, incomplete or corrupted. On the same note, it’s unable to show the previews for minimised windows. However, if a previous cached copy exists that is displayed instead.

The handy piece of code comes in a surprisingly small bundle – an installer 90KB in size or a zip package which is only 69KB. My advise is the don’t use a Download Manager to grab this utility. Since it uses a PHP based redirection script for the download, you might end up downloading a file called download.php and not the software itself. Employ your browser-based download mechanism instead.

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