Internet · January 22, 2007 0

Free tools to create / generate .htaccess online

htaccess-access-gate-kept-closedCouple of weeks back, I’d written an article on creating the .htaccess file visually using a free tool called HTAccessible. This time I present you two online tools that does a similar job for those who don’t want to go into the trouble of downloading yet another software.

I found a handful of such online tools but barring a few most of them were functional mirrors of each other. Thus I decided to narrow down my list to only two of them. Using these tools you can entirely do away with .htaccess nightmares.

The first tool from is the best & most flexible one I dug up and gives you the widest range of options. However, you need to have a bit of idea about the functional components of .htaccess to figure out what-does-what in here.

The second one from DynamicDrive is geared more towards protecting specific files / folders on your web-server.

Here you go…

For absolute beginners, I’d still recommend using HTAccessible as it presents you with somewhat more homely interface.