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Free eBook: Linux Kernel in a Nutshell

Popcorn KernelsLinux Kernel in a Nutshell is yet another release in the Nutshell series by O’Rielly that teaches you how to build, configure, and install a custom Linux kernel on your machine.

The author, Greg Kroah-Hartman routinely does the same for a living. Good news is that for the average user, no programming knowledge or experience is required to understand and implement the concepts discussed this book. However, readers are expected to be familiar with the basic operating principles and the command-line interface of Linux.

While the printed version of this book is available from Linux Kernel in a NutShellO’Rielly store, it’s offered as a free download in both Adobe PDF and Linux DocBook format from the author’s site as individual chapters as well as the whole book. It is available under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 license which means that you are free to download and redistribute it. The idea behind offering it for free is to bring out hidden talents and get more people involved in the Linux kernel development process. According to the author…

The act of building a customized kernel for your machine is one of the basic tasks needed to become a Linux kernel developer. The more people that try this out, and realize that there is not any real magic behind the whole Linux kernel process, the more people will be willing to jump in and help out in making the kernel the best that it can be.

As of now the book deals with the kernel release 2.6.18. With the introduction of newer kernel versions some of the configuration items may change / move around and / or new configuration options may be added. All said and done, the main concepts dealt in the book will still remain valid for any future kernel versions.

No single Linux distribution can provide you with a kernel that meets all users’ needs. Computers come in wide varieties and with special hardware that call for reconfiguration and rebuilding of the kernel. The book will benefit literally anyone – be it someone trying to get sound, wireless support, and power management working on a laptop or incorporating enterprise features such as logical volume management on a large server.

O’Rielly says …

Linux Kernel in a Nutshell covers the entire range of kernel tasks, starting with downloading the source and making sure that the kernel is in sync with the versions of the tools you need. In addition to configuration and installation steps, the book offers reference material and discussions of related topics such as control of kernel options at runtime.

Download the free eBook from the author’s site…