Freeware / Windows · January 23, 2007 1

GadWin PrintScreen: Best freeware & lightweight printscreen tool I’ve come across

PrintScreen ButtonThis tiny freeware utility from GadWin has got to be best freeware screen-capture tool I’ve ever come across. Recently, I was reading a review / comparison of some of the more popular screen-capture utilities and I was surprised to see the meagerly attention devoted to such an excellent piece of software. So I decided to go ahead and write my own review.

The reasons as to why I call this the best freeware are by far many. First of all, this software allows you to capture the screen in four different ways…

  1. Current Window – captures the whole of the currently selected window
  2. Client Window – captures the client area of any window you select. Client area means the content region of a window minus the title bar and borders
  3. Full Screen – captures the whole of the screen (similar to normal PrintScreen function of Windows)
  4. Rectangular Area – captures a rectangular zone of the screen that you drag and select

Along with this, if needed GadWin allows you to capture the mouse cursor in your screenshots – a GadWin PrintScreen Screenshotfeature rarely found in screen-capture utilities. There’s an option to capture time-delayed shots, which is useful for capturing submenus that take a triffle bit of time to open up.

If you’re oh-so-used to the PrintScreen Key of the keyboard, you can easily hook it up with GadWin PrintScreen by declaring it as the screen-capture hotkey. This will redirect all the screenshots to GadWin instead of the normal Windows clipboard. You’re free to define any key combination as your hotkey.

You can even specify the action to be performed after the screen is captured, i.e. whether to copy it to the clipboard or to print it directly. Other options include mailing it out to a pre-speficied email address and saving it automatically to a file.

Now this last option really comes in handy when you’re set to take a whole bunch of screen-shots serially.. say from a sports highlight. The software allows you to take multiple screenshots consecutively and automatically names your files in a serial order and saves them in a folder specified by you. I find this feature really useful and have got it set up as my default option. Whenever I press PrintScreen, it dumps the current screenshot as a file, which I can later edit to suit my purpose.

Moreover, you can specify the format in which the image is saved, i.e. GIF / JPEG / PNG etc. There are six different image formats to choose from. If you want your captured images to take on any particular dimension (size), that can be set too and the screenshot will get automatically resized to that prior to saving. Other than that, a shadow can be auto-added to the images if desired.

If only PrintScreen could capture irregular screen areas, it would definitely outshine all others in this category as the best all-rounder.

GadWin runs on Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP and once installed sits as an icon in the System Tray. It can be customised to auto-load with Windows. What more could you want ?

Download GadWin PrintScreen for free.