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Free tools that deliver AdSense statistics straight to your desktop

Google AdSense LogoIf you’re a serious AdSense publisher, you’d have surely felt the need of an AdSense monitoring system that’d provide you with real-time statistics of the ad clicks & earnings from your site(s). Look no further – here are a couple of really handy tools that does the job for you. There are plenty of such tools available out there on the net, but keeping to the overall theme of my site, I present you with three carefully selected ones which meet the criteria of being a freeware as well as being feature packed. Out of these the first two work right from your Windows desktop while the third one is PHP based and can be used to display your stats anywhere on a web-site.

AdSense Status plug-in for Google Desktop

AdSense StatusFor those who use Google Desktop, here’s a really lightweight (approx. 450KB) plug-in from Airbear Software which displays your daily earnings and other related information from Adsense for Content, Search, and Referrals in a small panel docked in your Google Desktop Sidebar. The readings keep updating automatically every 5 minutes or so, unless of course you request a manual update. However, you don’t have any direct control over the refresh interva.

Clicking on the plug-in panel pops out a larger window with more detailed statistics about your earnings, page impressions, CTR, eCPM etc. on a daily or monthly basis. It can also display the All Time AdSense statistics.

The plug-in is compatible with both Google Desktop versions 3 & 4 and you need to have Google Desktop installed before you attempt to install / use it. Once installed, the only configuration involves entering your AdSense account’s username and password and you’re ready to roll. Though it hasn’t been updated or worked on since May 2006, it functions without any hiccups.

Get AdSense Status.


SysSense ScreenshotSysSense from Singer’s Creations is another useful utility that displays stats similar to AdSense Status on your desktop.

The biggest difference between SysSense and AsSense Status is that this one doesn’t need Google Desktop installed on your system and delivers the statistics independently through a window that pops-up when you click your mouse on an icon in the system tray. Thus this is an ideal utility for non-Google Desktop users.

You can configure this tool to load along with Windows as well as monitor multiple AdSense accounts at the same time. Unlike AdSense Status, the refresh interval can be set manually to a figure you feel convenient. Moreover, you can make it display an audio-visual alert when a particular figure such as your earnings or number of clicks or even your page impression changes.

Another plus point over AdSense Status is that the stats displayed by this tool comprises of a wider range of daily/monthly figures.

I’d highly recommend this tool. I’ve been using AdSense Status for quite a while now, but am seriously considering a total switch-over to this one.

Get SysSense.


phpMyAdsense is a PHP web application designed specially to provide detailed statistics of your Google AdSense advertiser’s account in real-time and using your own customized templates and colors. I haven’t used this one as such, but it seems an interesting and viable alternative to the desktop based ones.

However, being a PHP web app doesn’t limit this to web-site based installations. It can easily be used to deliver the stats right onto your desktop (similar to the former two) by running it in conjunction with Windows Active Desktop Channel. Other supported applications are phpNuke, phpBB etc.

Get phpMyAdSense.