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Received the first ever impression of Google Video Ads today

Google Video Ads

Today was the first time ever, that I received an impression of the much discussed Google Video Ads – that too a pretty high-paying ad from IBM.

So far I’d only heard about them and never experienced them first hand. They’ve been as elusive as the themed ad units though both have been in existence since the first half of 2006 – probably owing to the fact that most ad publishers find it very easy to go along with the quick & dirty text-based ad-unit setup of AdWords.

Video ads mean incurring an extra sizable investment on shooting & editing a good footage and converting it to a net deliverable format and I guess only the big players out there have enough time and money to go for it. According to Google

Note that as there is currently limited video ad inventory, you may not notice any ads on your site for some time. As our inventory grows, you may begin to see video ads appear on your pages. In the meantime, we recommend opting in to both text and image ads for your ads units to ensure you’re getting the ads that represent the maximum revenue potential for you.

Since video ads compete in the same auction as text and image ads for placement the increased competition leads to increased revenue potential for you. Video ads open your site up to a whole new type of advertising that is engaging and highly relevant for your users.

You can easily make out that there’s so sure-shot way of getting video ads on your site. However, you can always set the stage for them and thus increase your chances of getting them delivered to your site.

Video ads will appear only in the supported video Ad Formats which incidentally happen to be the large block-ish (rectangles or squares) formats that can deliver such ads best. The process is fairly simple and involves just two steps.

  1. Make sure that your ad unit adheres to one of the supported video ad formats as shown above.
  2. Opt-in for the image-ads for this specific unit.

Then onwards it’s a long long wait with your fingers crossed 😀 However, I believe including Geo-Tagged Headers in your site pages helps somewhat. If you carefully study the ad screenshot I’ve shown here, you’ll notice that it’s been delivered for IBM, Thailand. Was it a mere coincidence or a direct result of the fact that I geo-tagged my site just a couple of days back?