Internet · February 4, 2007 0

geoGreeting: A service that uses Google Earth images of buildings to compose text

geoGreeting LogoDo you occasionally feel like sending a greetings to your friends / family with a touch of difference ? geoGreeting offers you a new & cool service through which you can send out customised greeting messages that are composed of aerial snap-shots of various buildings all around the world.

Yup, you heard me right!The word CHAOS using geoGreeting

This has been made possible by Google Earth & Google Maps which have been utilised to spot the images required for such a greeting. I tried composing a message with my site’s name and the results were pretty amazing. Here’s a screen-shot of the word Chaos, which is composed of of a series of buildings & stadiums from Canada to China. In fact as you type out your message, there’s a Google Map display to your right which shows you the location of the building corresponding to each letter.

Give it a shot yourself at geoGreeting.