AdSense · February 5, 2007 2

Is an online Presentation Manager the new memeber of the Google Docs family?

Google Docs LogoToday I came across this entry in ZDNet Blogs, which directs you to dig up the localisation files (or in other words language files) of Google Docs to find hints of a possibly upcoming online Presentation Manager.

Go through the following snippet from the Docs localisation file and see if you can spot any of it…

var MSG_VIEW_PRESENTATION="View presentation";
var MSG_PRESENTATION_SETTINGS="Presentation settings";
var MSG_DOC_TO_PRESENTATION="Convert document to presentation";
var MSG_DOC_TO_PRESENTATION_HINT="Once your document is converted to a presentation, you can insert slide breaks using Insert > Slide from the main menu.";
var MSG_PRESENTATION_TO_DOC="Convert presentation to document";
var MSG_POPUP_BLOCKER="Presently is unable to launch your presentation in full-screen mode. Check your pop-up blocker settings.";
var MSG_NEW_SLIDE_TITLE="New Slide";
var MSG_UNSUPPORTED_BROWSER="Unsupported Browser Presently doesn't support Opera and will not function properly. Would you like to continue anyway?";
var MSG_SLIDE_INDEX="Slide %1 of %2: %3";
var MSG_NEXT="Next";
var MSG_NEXT_HINT="Space, Enter, N";
var MSG_PREV="Previous";
var MSG_PREV_HINT="Backspace, Del, P";
var MSG_ZOOM_IN="Zoom in";
var MSG_ZOOM_OUT="Zoom out";
var MSG_ZOOM_RESET="Zoom reset";
var MSG_TOGGLE_AUTOFIT="Toggle AutoFit";
var MSG_PICK_THEME="Choose theme:";
var MSG_THEME_BLANK="Blank";
var MSG_THEME_GOOGLE="Google";
var MSG_THEME_LIQUID="Liquid";
var MSG_THEME_MONOCHROME="Monochrome";
var MSG_TOGGLE_TOOLBAR="Hide/show toolbar";
var MSG_EXIT_PRESENTATION="Exit presentation";
var MSG_END_OF_PRESENTATION="End of presentation. Are you sure you want to exit?";

Hint: Look at lines 4-5, 7, 14-16, 18

In fact all the messages are indicative of a Presentation Manager interface. Notice the lines I’ve emboldened for you. They clearly spell out that …

  • You’ll be able to convert your Google Docs based documents to Presentations & vice-versa.
  • Opera won’t be supported.
  • There’ll be Zoom In / Out capabilities.
  • There’ll be an inbuilt Theme Chooser i.e. support for presentation themes.

The application will probably support documents created by Microsoft PowerPoint and OpenOffice Impress.

Now the question remains as to WHEN do we actually get to see this product and what it is going to be NAMED. Speculations are up. Once again, if you refer to the snippet above, you’ll notice that at one point it’s being referred to as Presently. Incidentally, Google’s online Word Processing software is called Writely and I guess they’re following a thematic approach in naming all tools in the Google Docs suite.

What are your thoughts?