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Get Imified and Control Google Apps, Blogs & numerous web-apps etc. through your Instant Messenger

Imified LogoHow would you like to be able to create new events in your Google Calendar, write new posts on your blog hosted on Blogger, Typepad or WordPress or create reminders, to-do’s and notes without ever firing up your browser? That too all this through the familiar environment of you favourite Instant Messenger, be it Yahoo!, GTalk or MSN? Look no further cause Imified has brought to you a brand new service that enables you to do the same plus a whole lot more.

The service is in open beta now and unlike most such services, if you visit their home page you’ll be unable to find any sign-up link. Don’t let that confuse you. You don’t actually need to sign-up for their service as such. So how do you go about using their service? Simple! You just invite a certain email address / nickname provided by them to join you as a buddy on your favourite instant messenger. In other words you just add Imified as your buddy and all your works done! By successfully eliminating any daunting / tiring sign-up process the folks at Imified have rendered such a brilliant concept into a child’s play. Once your account is set up, any text message that you send to your new buddy gets automatically translated to a command that is performed on a relevant service like Blogger, BaseCamp, Remember the Milk, Google Calendar or 30 Boxes. Incidentally, the code that performs such services are generally called Instant Messenging Bots. IM bots aren’t really a novel concept, but getting them to perform such productive functions and control a wide variety of web applications is definitely unique. Imified is definitely the first of it’s kind.

Imified Monatage

The advantages of using this service are immediately apparent. First of all, it provides an easy all-rounder centralised control panel through which you can perform most of your daily tasks. By avoiding browser usage and consequently long page loading times, you’re causing a massive boost in your productivity as well as saving up on a lot of otherwise wasted time. Moreover, since most well-known IMs can be accessed through your mobile phone these days you can even use your mobile to do the same while you’re on the move. If you’re a serious blogger – you’d never miss out on a days post, even if you’re nowhere near a net connection.

If you’re paranoid about security of information passing through such a service, Imified assures you that all your data is kept secure by usage of industry standard encryption routines apart from being locked away in their secure data centers in the Rocky Mountains.

As of now the service is completely free though there are plans to introduce premium paid versions with more features later on. The supported messengers are:

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