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It’s possible now to check inbound links (backlinks) through Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster ToolsWebmasters who use the Google Webmaster Tools (formerly known as Google Sitemaps) will be pleased to know that now it’s possible to get a list of the incoming links to your site right from the Webmaster Tools control panel.

Earlier on, you could glean some information about your site’s inbound links using the Google search engine’s link: operator. It works even now. All you need to do is go to the Google Search Page and type..


and you’d get the list of sites linking to you. However, the resulting list of linking sites known as backlinks in Web site parlance, is only a small sampled subset of the actual inbound links. Google doesn’t reveal the full list of backlinks to prevent search engine manipulation by the ubiquitous SEO firms, let alone the spammers.

However, according to the Official Google Webmaster Central blogs, Google has decided to be a little more lenient on that policy. While the entire backlinks list is still now available to you, you’re entitled to download a list of upto a million External Links. If you’re confused as to what External links are, they’re the links that point to you site from pages that do not belong to your domain. For example, if I am viewing links for, all the links that do not originate from pages on any subdomain of would appear as external links to my site.

So how do you view the backlinks?

It’s simple. If you follow the instructions provided on the Google Webmaster Central blogs, all you need to do is log into your Webmaster Tools account, select a verified web-site that you own and click on the Links tab at the top. Once done, you’re presented with two options to choose from – Internal & External Links. Choosing either will show you the corresponding list of links.

For further detailed information on what else you can do with the newly introduced section, refer to the article on Google Webmaster Central blogs.

Source: InformationWeek