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Need to build a concrete reputation online? Try Venyo…

Venyo Logo

The lack of trust has always been a big issue on the Internet and with the emergence of new collaborative services revolving around Web 2.0 it has only taken a hike for the worse. With every dawning days more and more people / concerns are stepping into the world of blogging, sharing, publishing or selling online – but there’s virtually no existing mechanism to guarantee the quality and the reliability of the published material and to safeguard the interests of the buyers.

The problem is widely known in the Internet community and consequently a wide variety of methods have been adopted in order to instill sufficient trust in users by reassuring them of the quality of material or of proposed services. A couple of examples of such services would be the Merchant Rating service of eBay, Verisign, BIB (Better Internet Bureau) Certifications etc. However, none of the measures are sufficient to “prevent users from being drowned beneath waves of information, recommendations, suggestions and solutions whose relevance it is no longer easily possible to judge.

In comes Venyo with an objective to establish a free and universal online reputation management tool that would provide a unified and standardised measure of reputation of each active user online. The concept was first introduced at the third annual Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco (Oct 2006) and following up on that, today the first official public beta has been launched.

Venyo plans to achieve it’s objective by assigning a personal reliability index called the Vindexâ„¢, which is based on the evaluation of your web contributions like blog posts, pictures or videos by the community. It sort of acts like the eBay rating system – but spanning the whole web. Your Vindexâ„¢ signature is displayed on all your contributions to prove how reliable you are to the potential readers. The rating will appear in form of a button that looks like this:

Venyo Rating Button

Your readers will be able to vote and evaluate your web based publications. They can also use tags while voting to link you with subjects they find your content most relevant to. The resultant unique combination of quantitative and qualitative expressions of faith will then be analyzed by Venyo’s exclusive algorithm to calculate the global trust index expressed in percentage – the Vindexâ„¢. The rating will not only reveal the level of trust but also the evaluation related to the best tags, reflecting your specific skills.

Venyo Evaluation Module

According to Venyo, while somewhat similar localised systems are in existence – some paid and some for free, they can provide a much more far reaching service with the following benefits:

  1. User-centric – to be transportable on all Web 2.0 sites
  2. Universal – to record ratings for any kind of contributions
  3. Standard – to compare the reputation of any kind of contributors

Since this is in open public beta, you can sign-up for free and try it out yourself. The site uses plenty of AJAX – so make sure you’ve got JavaScript enabled in your browser and no Ad-Blocker blocking the scripts on the site before attempting to sign-up.

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