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The Ultimate Seat of Power: iPod enabled potty

Roto Rooter LogoRotoRooter, the plumbing and drainage service company is all set to fulfill your wildest loo-time dreams 😀 Titled as the extreme “Pimped-out John” the whole setup allows you to “check your email, listen to your iPod, play your favourite video game (with a X-Box 360 Core System) – without leaving the bathroom“. And while you’re at it, keep yourself cool by tossing in a couple of mugs of ultra-chilled beer right out a compact ref. with a beer tap. If you’d rather go for a steaming cup of coffee, you can always use the coffee-warmer that plugs into your laptop.

Perfect to make you a couch-potato, eh? Or is it loo-potato? Hold on a sec! That ain’t quite right, coz along with the setup comes a Resistive Pedal Exerciser. If paying games, checking mails and drinking beer isn’t enough for you, bring your legs into some action. Now no one claim that you can’t sit and keep fit.

Ultimate Seat of Power

What more… your toilet paper dispenser is actually a state-of-the-art iCarta Stereo Dock for iPod. So plug your iPod in and hum away to your favourite tunes. Incidentally, if you happen to run out of toilet paper in the process, no harm done. Simply pick up the Megaphone and yell for some more.

Finally, if you’ve tired yourself doing all the above, sit back and relax with a movie of your choice played right out of a Phillips Progressive Scan DVD Player onto a 20″ Phillips LCD Flat-Panel TV. If you’d rather prefer a plain TV show but otherwise are too busy with your other activities, get the Tivo DV Recorder to grab it for you. Yup – you heard me right!

All of this is up for the grabs at a sweepstake by RotoRooter which is open till April 25th – the National Plubmers Day in the U.S. Unfortunately, it’s open only for U.S. Citizens. Either ways it’s one hell of a setup.

Get a live preview of the Ultimate Seat of Power.

Found via: The Unofficial Apple Weblog