AdSense · February 9, 2007 1

Google’s delivering the AdSense “Logo” more frequently now

This may seem like a very old topic. Rather it IS old. However, with quite a few sightings in hand over the past few days I couldn’t help but write-up a small report about it.

A couple of months back the whole blogosphere went up in an unanimous uproar against Google’s attempt to replace the “Ads by Google” text in AdSense advertisements – with their logo instead. There were objections / grumbling from a lot of quarters saying that this might lead to a decrease in the Click-Through-Rate of the ads. I’d made a post about it too where I’d reported sightings of the same. However, I was probably one of the first to notice that the logo seemed to follow the colour palette of my ads (black text on white background).

AdSense with Black Logo

My doubts were further confirmed when I came across repeated sightings of the same in a slightly different format – but once again adopting to my ad palette.

AdSense with Black Logo - 2nd sighting

This was way back around the end of December last year (2006). Then suddenly one fine day the logo stopped showing up – at least on my site. Seems like Google went into pensive phase to deliberate on the whole logo in ads issue. Even the reports stopped flooding in from everywhere. Gradually the whole issue died out and got replaced by bigger and better (more interesting) stuff out there on the net.

Now all of a sudden, once again I see the revival of the logo. Past few days – rather over this last one week, I’ve been sighting it more and more frequently, to the point that now I receive an impression with that logo at least once every day. Here are a couple of screenshots before & after I changed my theme.

Recent Sighting 1
Recent Sighting 2
Recent Sighting 3

That seems to justify my prior conclusion about adopting to your ad’s colour palette. Invariably on each occasion it has turned up in the colour the ad text is in.

Have you seen any more of these?