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SkyKap: For all avid golfers, here’s a glimpse into the future of hi-tech Golfing

Golf BallAre you one of those fanatics who hit the fairway even before the first rays of dawn? Do you really take your game seriously and are continuously striving to improve your gameplay? SkyKap LLC brings you an all new and unique cool-tool which might help you do just so. The product – a GPS accessorised golf-cap called Advisor and was recently showcased at the PGA Merchandise Show, the largest golf exhibition in the world.

This might get you thinking – “so it’s just a golf-cap with inbuilt GPS. Whats the big deal about it?” Hold your horses for a while. This isn’t merely any GPS enabled golf-cap. To an outsider it appears to be a perfectly ordinary golf-cap – except that it’s not quite so “ordinary“. Built in to the brim of the golf cap or visor is a set of ultra-sophisticated electronics components that work harmoniously to function as a complete Golfing Information System.

The device is completely hands-free and operates through voice commands directed at it through a Speaker Independent Voice Recognition system. The commands are channelised through a small but powerful microphone placed inside the head band. The mic is of a quality parallel to the ones used by US. special forces personnel for field communications. What more – if you’re scared that such a powerful mic can misinterpret ambient noises like wind rustling through the trees or co-players’ chatter, be assured that there isn’t any reason to worry, at all. The audio isn’t picked up through conventional means. Rather a technique known as “bone conduction” has been employed here making the Advisor completely insusceptible to wind noise and side chatter. In short, it only “hears” the wearer.

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The core functionality of the Advisor revolves around providing you with accurate data on yardage, track scores, pace of play, timing etc during a game. The mode of operation is quite simple. Whenever you require the services of the Advisor, you spell out a command prefixed with the word “Advisor“. For example, if you say, “Advisor Distance” a pleasant voice responds with yardage information or other related helpful details.

Since Advisor employs a state of the art GPS, positioning data is collected in real time and continually tracked against a detailed map of the users selected golf course and distances to green leading/center/trailing, water bunkers and fairway boundaries are calculated on the fly. This data is then whispered into your head as and when required by you. An easy to learn set of voice commands allows you to list anything from simple green distance to a full explanation of all the features in the range.

SkyKap Golf Course Mapping System

What more is that you can use this device virtually on any golf course in the world by simply plugging it into your computer through USB port and downloading the appropriate course data from the SkyKap Course Access Website. You can even upload course data for an unmapped course and earn credits as a reward. These credits allow you to download maps for any other courses you require.

Apart from that users are to review the entire history of their recorded play on the course from any saved game, and see every hit and recorded distances and use that information to improve their game. Though this can never replace your real-life golf-tutor, it can easily prove to be an indispensible companion by making you aware of every single factor that you need to consider at a particular step in the game.

SkyKap is all set to make you one hi-tech golfer. However, as of now the product is far from hitting the shelves. What was shown in PGA Expo was just a preview. Looking at there web-site one might conclude that the device still hasn’t gone into full-scale production and neither is the Course Access website fully functional. No pricing information is available yet. All said and done, this is one hell of a product to watch out for.

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P.S. This post is dedicated to my dad who’s one of the most avid golfers I’ve ever seen and loves the game to death. He’s happens to be the kind of player I described in the opening of this article.

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