AdSense · February 13, 2007 6

Gmail is now officially open for public sign-up

Gmail LogoYep ! At last it has really happened. Gmail is now officially open for public sign-up. No more invites and no more of haggling other’s for those invites either. This was long overdue though.

Past couple of months there’s been an incessant trail of rumours announcing the public release of Gmail – none of which could be verified. Apparently it was being rolled out in phases and for some weird reason Egypt was taken up as one of the first countries ever for the service.

Seems like now it’s been made a worldwide release in one swift stroke. The sign-up page has got this large dark bluish button you can’t miss. Funny thing is that it still shows as BETA. I wonder if any of Google’s services are ever going to get out of the beta phase !!

Those who still haven’t had the Gmail experience 😮 , head for the Gmail Sign-up Page and get yourself an account… today! To those who’re existing Gmail account holders, can you please confirm if the sign-up link is active in your country? I know for one that it’s working in both India & Thailand.

P.S. All thanks to good old Twitch for pointing out the link.