Freeware / Windows · February 16, 2007 1

Tweak your Places Bar to reach frequently accessed drives & folders much faster

For people like me, who download a lot from the net and work with a wide-varitey of files spread over different drives, it’s an eternal headache to navigate between drives and folders every time I try to save some file. The common file dialog that is brought up by Windows (for saving & opening files) contains a Places Bar which is there to facilitate this task by providing you with links to some frequently accessed folders like the Desktop, My Documents etc. If you haven’t got a clue on what I’m talking about, here’s a picture that will help you recognise the so-called “Places Bar”.

Places Bar Screenshot

Personally, I hate it that there’s no mechanism in built into Windows that allows you to alter the links in the Places Bar to suit your needs. For example, I don’t save anything on the Desktop as such. So that link is totally useless for me. So is the My Network link. History doesn’t help me much either. For me a more convenient option would be if a couple of drives or folders to which I save files very frequently were listed there. That way I wouldn’t have to navigate up & down through several levels of folders or work my way down from My Computer. I’d always wondered if there was some registry tweak that’d tweak the Places Bar to suite my needs – but hadn’t managed to find any so far. That is, till I came upon this really light freeware utility called PlacesBar Tweakerâ„¢.

This cool-tool enables you to get rid of all the default icons in the Places Bar and replace them with any other System Folder icon or direct links to your most accessed folders. It even allows you to re-order the icons as you like. There aren’t much in the way of features in this software, except that it does exactly what it’s meant to do. Instead of trying to describe any further, I’ll show you the after effect of using this tool. As they say … a picture is worth a thousand words 😉

Modified Places Bar

There you go..You can grab this really useful utility for free from the ioIsland Site.