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Figure out your blog’s worth in dollars !!

Dollar CollageI just came across an interesting tool that calculates your blog’s worth in dollars. The applet is written by Dane Carlson who runs the Business Opportunities Weblog and can be accessed via this link.

The applet is powered by Technorati’s API with the help of which it computes and displays your blog’s worth based on the same link to dollar ratio as the AOL-Weblogs Inc. deal.

Simply enter your blog’s URL in the field provided and hit the Submit button. The applet will analyse all inbound links to your blog (as tracked by Technorati) and comes up with a small graphic that depicts how much your blog is worth. It even gives you the HTML code, which you can plug-into your blog’s template and display the worth dynamically. If the number of inbound links increase, so will your blog’s price.

Here’s an example…

My blog is worth $12,419.88.
How much is your blog worth?

While the tool definitely gives you an idea about your blog’s approximate valuation, the results seem quite a bit unrealistic. For example, a starter blog with not a single post in it but with a single inbound link was estimated at ~ $1,200. Keep in mind that the results are merely mathematical projections and wouldn’t mean much in real-life were you trying to sell your blog. Still it’s a cool thing to display to your visitors.

Figure out your own blog’s worth today….