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Want Free Inbound Links & get paid for them? Here’s how…

Build Inbound LinksInbound Links are probably the most sought after commodity on the web these days – more so keeping in view the waging battle over a high PR (PageRank). Such links – known as “Back-links” in Google jargon – don’t come easy.

How does a site get back-links ?

One sureshot way of gaining a high volume of back-links is to pack your site with appealing content. But along with that comes the issue of proper exposure. Simply hosting good content doesn’t attract back-links overnight. The site needs to be publicised far & wide. However, all these steps require a lot of time & effort and at best can be considered a long-term approach.

There’s an easier way out for those who are willing to shell out a bunch of $$. This second option involves BUYING back-links. There are hordes of services out there on the net who offer bulk inbound links to your site in exchange of hard cash. This isn’t a viable option at all for those who are trying to monetize their site and earn revenue out of it.

The third option is to participate in free Link Exchange programs. This isn’t deemed all that effective anymore since all major Search Engines have learnt to recognise such sites and ignore the link chains from them.

So what is the solution?

There’s a little known option which gets you these priceless back-links from all over the blogosphere for FREE. Not only that, you even get paid to get these back-links. Sign-up with PayPerPostYup ! You heard me right. No kidding in here. You must have surely heard of the PayPerPost program which pays you to write reviews about other blogs / sites on your own blog. Review My Post is an all new Affiliate Program offering from PayPerPost which pays you every time someone signs up with them and writes a review about a post on your blog. This is a double bonanza for any interested blogger as it is a great way to earn money while increasing the traffic and interest in your own site. As an added incentive, the person who reviews your post / blog gets paid too. What more could you want?

How does this work?

The process is fairly simple though you must be an existing PayPerPost member to avail this service. Once you’re logged on, check out their Affiliate Tools section and you’ll spot a new link titled Review My Post. Clicking on that will bring up the details about this service. Here’s how it works out…

  1. You add a badge (code provided by PayPerPost) preferably, at the end of each of your blog posts that tells your visitors that they can earn money by reviewing your post. That badge looks like this: Get Paid To Review My Post PayPerPost suggests that you add this badge to all your posts (even non-sponsored ones) in order to maximise your chances. “The more posts that the badge is tagged to, the wider variety of content potential posties have to blog about when they review your post!” – PayPerPost.
  2. The badge catches the fancy of one of your visitors who then signs-up with PayPerPost using the badge’s link. Immediately they’re presented with a special opportunity worth $7.50 which they can earn by reviewing your post on their own blog.
  3. Once the blogger has written the review and it’s approved by PayPerPost, they earn the announced amount. That brings us to YOU. You get an equal amount i.e. $7.50 apart from a free back-link from the blogger’s site to yours.

Sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch ?

None that I know of. The scheme is backed by the reliability that PayPerPost is known for.

The program is open to all bloggers and presents an excellent opportunity of blog marketing for those who aren’t interested in doing sponsored posts. If you ask me, it’s a really easy way to earn money as well as increase blog traffic without any additional effort. Hurry! Avail this terrific opportunity today…