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How much is your domain worth?

DNScoop LogoA couple of weeks back I’d made a post about a service that calculates your blog’s worth using the Technorati API. Last night I came across an all new service called dnScoop (Domain Name Scoop) which works on similar lines – except that this one calculates your domain’s worth in dollar.

dsScoop is one of the Web 2.0 genre Rich Internet Applications (RIA) that employs copious amounts of AJAX in it’s functionality. Keep in mind, dnScoop isn’t just a tool to calculate your domain’s worth. It’s an “All in one Domain Check” service that provides a sizable bunch of information about a domain – the domain worth being one of them. The information provided are (represented in the exact order they’re displayed on dsScoop)…

  • Domain Age – Age of your domain (since it was created)
  • Pagerank Check – A Google PageRank checker and validator, which actually tells if someone’s trying to fake his / her pagerank
  • Inbound Links – Total number of inbound links to the domain
  • Traffic Rank – A domain’s traffic ranking according to Alexa
  • Indexed Pages – Total pages indexed by the Search giants like Google, Yahoo, MSN & AllTheWeb
  • HTTP Status – A short output of the HTTP headers while trying to connect to your domain, which is indicative of any HTTP Header Errors your may have
  • Site Value Report – Aha! The most interesting one here, I believe. This is the feature we’re talking about here. This appraisal is based on several factors mentioned here, including Links, Traffic (Alexa), age of the domain, site category, domain keyword popularity, and overall occurrences of the domain name on the web.
  • Link Value Report – Another feature of great interest to all those who wish to monetise their sites, this tells you how much would a Text-Link-Ad on your site earn on a per month basis.

Worth of Chaos Laboratory by dnScoopdnScoop even provides you with the HTML code with which you can display your domain’s worth proudly on your own web-site.

Unfortunately for me, my domain was appraised at a measly $740 😀 Embedding the code will display your worth dynamically, i.e. in case you suddenly get a whole bunch of new inbound links and / or your PR and Alexa ranking improve, you should see a notable rise in your domain’s worth.

So, how much is your domain’s worth? If you’ve got a really high-priced domain, just flaunt it by leaving a comment in here 😉

Found via: ReviewSaurus