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Happy Pet, Happier You !

This guest post was written by Shrimoyee Mukherjee from Wanderer Moon.

Pets have always been a part of our family and were always looked upon more as family members than pets. Over the years I’ve learnt to read them to such an extent that it’s become a second nature for me to understand what a dog wants just by looking at his/her expressions. For most part I feel as if the animals are able to communicate with me. Can’t say the same for birds or other animals though – ‘cause I’ve never had one as a pet. As for dogs, I understand them like they are humans who just don’t speak in my tongue.

JumboMy first pet was Baru – a total darling. She was almost like a foster mom to my sister and me. The first night she was home she stayed awake all night staring at the two of us sleep. Second night onwards, she started sleeping in between us and that continued till her last day. She mothered three litters. Her first son Jumbo, was the angel in our family. He was entirely human save for speech impairment. He loved food from restaurants. He loved every time I cooked too cause that meant more spice and oil. A chocoholic to the core. The guy was a total foodie and a lovable one at that. He almost knew one food joint from another.

GenieThe latest inclusion in the family is Genie. She was a castaway. Dogs with no home to go to always seemed to land up with us – and Genie was no exception. As a pup she was a cross between a tyrant and a storm. We had to lock her out of the dining room everyday to be able to eat in peace. She happened to be one of the “omnivores”. As a pup, the only thing she found distasteful was iron – since it was too hard for her to chew on. Ironically enough, now she runs at the mere sight of food. We have to literally coax and cajole her every single day to make her eat a single meal. Very “diet conscious” and with a total aversion to any sort of junk food, unlike Jumbo.

I can’t begin to say how much fun it is to have pets and as the saying goes, “they don’t ever let you be lonely”. The flip-side is that the biggest heart-break comes when they suffer and you are unable to help them. Firstly, it’s difficult to guess what’s wrong with them. Even if by some miraculous stroke of luck you’ve managed to figure that out, half the doctors in the world tell you there is nothing they can do about it.

Baru suffered from some disease that the doctors still don’t have a clue about. They kept experimenting with all sorts of drugs. Some said it was a heart disease, some said it was parasites and others opined epilepsy. Trust me when I say that it felt horrible to watch her suffer everyday and without being able to do a thing about it. Finally, it came down to such a point that, the one who used to be the ever-busy-body became paralyzed for two whole years. Mercy killing was suggested on quite a few occasions as it wasn’t fair to let her suffer like this. Others kept prescribing medicines till we finally gave up. She died on my lap after years of suffering.

These days when I come across web-sites suggesting medicines that could have helped, I can’t help but wonder where these were then i.e., when I needed them the most? Today you can find web-sites advising you on every single aspect of rearing a healthy pet. I was going through quite a few and found all these wonder drugs that may so totally have alleviated Baru’s sufferings had I known about them at that point of time. There is ‘Hearty Heart for Dog Heart Disease’. Sites like Pet Wellbeing have made me far more wizened about the ailments of dogs as well as cats. I know now that heart disease is a very common phenomenon in dogs. They feel fatigue from this problem. The site outlines many of the every-day problems we face with our pets and have no clue on what to do. Then there is “Inulin PK for Dog Worms”. Worms are one of the biggest enemies of dogs and this herbal medicine not only cures them of various kinds of worms (including Roundworms) but helps repair the damages and revitalises them. Back then we had no access to such information neither the opportunity to buy them online – thus my poor darling died after a lot of suffering.

Jumbo also had acute arthritis. He lived till the ripe age of 15 savoring foods from different restaurants in different cities in India. We kept giving him Neurobion and oil massages to make his pain go away. Wish we’d heard of ‘Old Timer for Dog Arthritis’ or ‘Old Bones for Dog Arthritis’ or “Joint Support Supplement – Small Breed“. Dog arthritis is apparently a common disease. Had this been known to us back then may be our 15 yr old would have had spent his last few days in far more peace.

My main concern now is Genie who is 7 yrs old and has started showing signs of aging. She used to be very agile and energetic. But recently she has started getting tired too often and has various ailments. She becomes anxious every time someone starts packing bags. She gets all upset and stops eating or becomes overly aggressive. ‘Lesstress for Dog Anxiety’ gives me new hope. It says on the website that this medicine takes care of excessive aggression, mood problems or hyperactivity in dogs. I would certainly like to try the above medicine to calm her down.

Genie has also started showing oral problems. Her mouth frequently turns dark and the doctors say it is because of some oral infection. Bad breath is a constant companion of this problem. From the site I gather there are ‘Z-Ridge Edible Dental Chew Bones’ and ‘Mouth Drops for Dog Bad Breath’ to help fight these problems. Plaques in dogs are more severe since they do not brush their teeth too often 😀 and nor do they eat the leafy greens which prevent plaque.

All in all, this website is a great discovery for all animal lovers who want to know how to take better care of their pets but do not really know how. They’ve even got an extensive range of products for cat ailments, including remedies for the extremely fatal cat kidney disease.

You should stop worrying now since most of your answers lie just a click away. Visit Pet Wellbeing for more information.

Note: This is a sponsored post, but the views expressed here are entirely unbiased.