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Need to share data between your cell, the web and your IM? Send a GAD.

MyGADs LogoIf only I had a penny every time I wished that I could grab some piece of necessary info. (phone numbers, appointments etc.) off the web and have it readily available in my cell or instant messenger… or simply post some SMS that came on my mobile and acess it through my browser later on… I’d probably get as close to a billionaire as one can get 😀

The current technological trend suggests that we’re heading towards a major convergence of software and services for both mobiles & desktop systems. And following up on that most of the major software houses along with the new-born ones are scurrying to launch unified services that offer the best of both worlds.

SychroniseWith the dawn of the Web 2.0 phenomena, specialised services like IMified, ZYB (shouldn’t forget Twitter) etc. have been mushrooming all over the net. But at their best these services address only specific needs. IMified gives you the ability to post to your blog, maintain notes & schedules directly from your favourite Instant Messenger. ZYB on the other hand, acts as a remote synchronisation utility for your mobile phone, helping you back-up your entire contact list on the web for viewing/editing/sharing and easier transfer between other phones. The biggest drawback of these services is that the data you interchange with them have to adhere to specific formats and thus reduces the scope of interoperability.

In comes MyGADs, a brand new offering by Teragram Corp. that is a …

new and very easy way for anybody to create, access and share your personalized information through a Website, text message over a cell phone, or through IM chat.

A GAD is a collection of personalized information. For example, family members can create a GAD with information to share within the family members to store and retrieve personal information such as people birthdays, phone numbers, contact information of the pediatrician, phone number of the neighbors, emergency contact information, license plate numbers, and even a calendar you can share within the family.

The coolest part about this service is that neither of the data you store nor the commands you use have to follow any specific format. MyGADs sports a chat-window like interface, into which you type in your data & queries in a fashion that’s very similar to using natural language queries on search engines. For an example see the picture below…

MyGADs Demo

Once you’ve registered for an account with MyGADs, you can create as many GADs you like and share them with private groups like family, friends etc or even publicly. Where MyGADs beats most other services hands down is Information Accessibility. The information you store in a GAD is available on the web, on your cell-phone as well as through an Instant Messenger that’s compatible with the Jabber protocol (e.g. GTalk).

MyGADs was launched just yesterday (27th March, 2007) and though it’s still in it’s infancy, it has been described in the Today@PC World blog as “one of the more interesting and potentially useful new services I’ve seen at CTIA Wireless 2007.” The service is going to be in free public beta phase till the middle of this year, following which it’ll become an ad supported service.

I can see immense potential in this service, if developed properly. Try it out for yourself… head over to MyGADs and register for a free account.

Found via: Today @ PC World blog